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RoomPriceGenie - Room prices newly thought, every night

The Start up RoomPriceGenie is a young company from Switzerland that has received several awards. It is mainly active in the area of revenue management. This means that it looks at room prices of hotels in the area at a certain point in time and compares them with those of Hapimag. Based on this, suggestions for possible price changes are automatically made. This helps the resorts to make the prices for marketing to third parties even more effective. The technology is being used in a pilot project in the Hapimag resorts of Interlaken, Marbella, Edinburgh and Paris. In addition, RoomPriceGenie is also permanently represented with several employees in Hapimag's Coworking Space.

DirectCoffee - Drinking coffee and changing the world

As part of a pilot project with the Swiss start-up "DirectCoffee", Hapimag is testing another sustainable solution to the usual Nespresso capsules. The coffee grows in Ethiopian mountain forests in harmony with nature. At the same time, the purchase of the coffee capsules supports social projects for children of the coffee farmers. DirectCoffe capsules are available at Hapimag Resorts in Interlaken, Flims and Ascona.

New Roots - the cheese of the future

Hapimag starts a further cooperation with the young company "New Roots". The start-up from Switzerland specialises in the production of vegan cheese. In the Hapimag Resorts in Interlaken, Flims and Ascona, guests will have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of cheeses in the Honesty Shop or Restaurant.

The 1+1 principle of Share

We are pleased to present a new cooperation with Share. Share is also based on the idea of "sharing" and is therefore perfectly suited for a pilot project with Hapimag. 

The 1+1 principle of Share is as simple as its name: With the purchase of a product you do something good for yourself and at the same time help a person in need. 
Each organic nut bar donates a portion of food, each hand soap donates a bar of soap and each bottle of water provides drinking water for one day. 

As part of a first test phase, selected Share products will be available in the Shops/Honesty Shops of Hapimag Resorts Munich, Unterkirnach and Winterberg.

Rezemo - Sustainable alternative to Nespresso

Hapimag would like to further expand its efforts in the area of sustainability. For this reason, Hapimag launched a further pilot project with the start-up rezemo at the end of January. Rezemo produces innovative coffee capsules consisting of wood fibres. The rezemo capsules thus offer a sustainable alternative to the usual Nespresso capsules. Currently, three types of coffee are offered; "espresso edition", "kaffee edition" and "decaf edition" - exclusively high-quality top coffees from traditional roasting. The new Rezemo coffee capsules are available for purchase during the pilot phase in Winterberg, Marbella, Salzburg and Munich.

"Tourism By Tomorrow - On Tour" event

 At the end of November, the first joint "Tourism By Tomorrow - On Tour" event took place in cooperation with the World Tourism Forum Lucerne (WTFL) at Hapimag's Coworking Space in Steinhausen (ZG). Almost 50 representatives from business, science and politics accepted the invitation. In addition to interesting discussions, three innovative startups (Wingly, TAPSY and TellTheHotel) presented their corporate concepts to the guests. "It's great to see how much passion there is and that entrepreneurial spirit knows no age limits. We learn a lot from the start-ups. On the other hand, we offer our many years of experience and access to an existing customer base," says Hassan Kadbi, CEO of Hapimag.

Experience tailor-made city trips thanks to "The Trip Boutique

With its Berlin resorts, Hapimag is launching a pilot project with the Swiss start-up "The Trip Boutique". The Trip Boutique offers its customers an online platform for tailor-made city breaks. To begin with, customers and guests answer a few questions about themselves and their interests. Based on these answers, The Trip Boutique quickly creates a tailor-made itinerary with attractive tips. We are happy to offer this new service to our guests and look forward to their first experiences. Find out more:

Hapimag at the Swiss Start Up Innovation Camp

What a great event! It was a pleasure for us to sponsor the category Hospitality at this year's Swiss Start Up Innovation Camp. We congratulate all winners and look forward to many successful collaborations. You can find some more information and pictures here.

Hapimag starts cooperation with ETH Start Up "Planted"

Planted offers vegan chicken meat, which is very similar in taste and nutrients to the original animal product. Planted's plant based chicken meat is now available in the restaurant of Hapimag Resort Interlaken. "Planted's product hits the nerve of the times and helps us to offer an exciting alternative to traditional chicken meat," says Luc Theler, Head of Business Development at Hapimag.

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