Coworking @ Hapimag

Welcome to the Coworking Space of Hapimag in Steinhausen, the "innovation hub" for the traveltech, hospitality and tourism industry and everything to do with sharing. Here we build the bridge between established companies and innovative start-ups.

Our Space

Our coworking space measures 230 m2 and offers an ideal working atmosphere. The modern offices provide space for thinking. The light-flooded atrium with its impressive spiral staircase over all floors serves as an ideal backdrop and inspires new ideas. The gardened courtjard allows creative breaks in the fresh air.

The idea

As an experienced company with over 55 years of success, we work together with start-ups, established companies and educational institutions to promote the exchange of knowledge and work together on innovative projects to create long-term added value for all those involved.

As Hapimag, we offer our start-up partners not only coworking space but also potential access to our 56 Hapimag resorts and our community of around 125,000 shareholders and members.

What's driving us?

We all have a contribution to make for our future. Only in this way can we leave a better world to the next generation. We are convinced of this. This thought is also the demand on our coworking space community. Together we are strong and make our world a better place.

What is your contribution to our next generation? The Business Development Team of Hapimag looks forward to hearing from you.

Our offer


  8-12 workplaces (stationary or flexible)

  Meeting and creative room for 4-6 persons (incl. multimedia TV)


  Free beverages (water, coffee, tea)

  Lounge / coffee corner

  Cabinets for storage space

  Wheelchair accessible

  Sanitary facilities (incl. showers)

  Parking spaces

  Telephone booth (for private calls)


Start-up Partner Established Co-Worker
Flex-Desk1: 1 day Free of charge CHF 20
Flexible workplace2: 1 month CHF 30 CHF 300
Stationary workplace2: 1 month CHF 40 CHF 400
Parking space: 1 day CHF 10 CHF 10
Parking space: 1 month CHF 120 (outdoors) / CHF 180 (indoors) CHF 120 (outdoors) / CHF 180 (indoors)

*all prices are inclusive of incidental costs and VAT, subject to price changes by Hapimag

1Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00-17:00 h
2Opening hours: 24/7

Our coworking space is easily accessible, whether by public transport or by car. Our headquarters are located not far from the motorway Baar, Zug-Zentrum and Steinhausen and within walking distance of the S-Bahn stop Steinhausen Rigiblick. Directly in front of the building there is a bus stop of line 7, which leads to the centre of Zug and directly to the railway station.


Start-up partner

As a start-up partner of Hapimag you are an active part of our coworking community. We promote our innovation potential and make ourselves fit for the future by exchanging ideas and working closely together.

Established Co-Worker

As an Established Coworker we offer you a workplace and a working environment without direct participation in our coworking community. Maybe we can inspire you to become part of our community?

Our Start-up partners

World Tourism Forum Lucerne




The Trip Boutique

New Roots

planted foods



Direct Coffee

BeeHomes by Pollinature

Burger Beratung

Start-up Partner News

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BeeHomes by Pollinature

With the installation of numerous BeeHomes by Pollinature in around 30 resorts, Hapimag offers a new home to one of the most important insects on our planet - the wild bees. In collaboration with our partner Pollinature, the bees will contribute to the sustainable pollination of our resort destinations, in line with our vision "More happy people for a better world".

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