Additional information on the general terms Hapimag Classic

I. Information on real estate, housing and construction projects

1. Information about the resorts and important construction projects (Section 2.1 GTC)

An up-to-date overview of the resorts and their facilities and services is available at

Notices of current construction projects or construction restrictions at the resorts are also regularly posted at

II. Information on costs (Sections 3.3 and 4 GTC):

2. Annual fee

The annual fee is mainly used to finance such costs, which are independent of the individual use of the resorts. These include in particular:

  • Costs of central services 

  • (e.g. IT and telecommunications as well as finance & controlling)

  • Costs for the subsidiaries and resort management

  • Taxes, duties and insurance 

  • Expenditure for renovations and infrastructure of the holiday homes. These result from the wear and tear of the investment over time and due to use (depreciation of tangible assets)

  • Costs for member services (e.g. member support, booking and points platform, website and resort apps as well as costs for service points)

These costs are not covered by the local charges.

More details on the annual contribution and its use can be found at

3. Local charges

The local charges cover the costs incurred in connection with the accommodation service in the resorts, in particular:

  • Cleaning

  • Energy cost

  • Front and back office

  • local taxes (e.g. value added tax)

  • Maintenance of technical installations

  • Resort-specific services such as wellness and entertainment & activities

  • Water

  • Supply and disposal

  • Laundry operations and equipment

  • Security

  • Property maintenance

Local charges are set annually based on the expected operating costs in the resorts. The amount of the charge depends on the size and category of the reserved holiday home, the duration of the stay, the range of services offered, etc. The local charges per resort, size of the holiday home and length of stay are shown in the current booking information. These contributions include local sales taxes, but not any tourism taxes (e.g. local taxes).

October 2020