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Discover the genuine culinary tradition of the Florentine housewives in our restaurant “La Casaccia”: “Ribollita”, “Pappa al Pomodoro”, tripe, liver and game are just a few examples of the extensive range of dishes featured on our menu. In autumn, freshly-gathered truffles and porcini are delivered directly to our restaurant where we create our culinary delights.

There is more to Tuscany than just hills and forests. The region stretches all the way to the sea, which explains why Tuscan cuisine boasts so many seafood specialities. Tuna carpaccio and tartare are particularly popular among our guests. Fresh fish is delivered twice a week: you can choose what you would like our chef to prepare for you from a wide range of freshly-caught delicacies. 

Alongside à la carte dishes, we organise interesting theme evenings: steak fiorentina, truffle dishes or barbecue evenings, where our guests have the opportunity to enjoy everything on the menu grilled over an open fire.

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