Porto Heli – Discovery and relaxation on the Peloponnese peninsula

“The Epidaurus Festival is an event not to be missed. During the summer months, ancient Greek tragedies and comedies are staged in the ancient amphitheatre with the best acoustics in the world – just as they were when they were premièred in the fifth century BC. The actors' voices can be heard perfectly clearly by the 14,000 spectators, with no echo. Thanks to surtitles, the Greek language is also not a problem, so everyone can watch them – a unique experience!”

Mona Persson, Resort Manager Porto Heli

On the Greek Peloponnese peninsula, a newly renovated resort in a sheltered bay awaits you in Porto Heli. Away from all the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy the sea and beach in the Aegean sunshine, take part in sporting activities and explore the breathtaking nature and ancient sites. Or you can amble through the nearby port and marvel at the luxurious yachts.

The resort in Porto Heli is located on a small peninsula directly beside the sea, seven kilometres outside the picturesque little port of Porto Heli. Seven buildings with a total of 87 holiday apartments are arranged around the main building. Here in an exclusive bay you will find pure relaxation, whether at the pool bar or on the fine pebble beach with crystal-clear water. In the mood for sports? Swim out towards the sun in the glittering Aegean or score points at the net in a game of beach volleyball. Feel like a change? On the Peloponnese you can experience the sagas of Greek history. Discover the archaeological treasures of ancient times, for example the amphitheatre in Epidauros or the ruins of Mycenae. Visit Hydra, the island of the rich and the beautiful, of artists and stars. Don't worry, the island is not the home of the famous multi-headed monster from Greek mythology. The island is named after the ancient Greek word "Hydor" (water), because many millennia ago there was a an unusual amount of fresh water here. The numerous water cisterns, most of which have now dried up but can still be admired, bear witness to the past of the island of Hydra. Go on a boat trip to explore other islands or book your own sailing trip. Back at the resort in Porto Heli, in the evening you can enjoy the peace and culinary delicacies from Greek cuisine – from dolmades (filled vine leaves), garides saganaki and moussaka to the baklava dessert for all those who can't have it sweet enough.

Off-season break
  • 18.11.2018 - 15.03.2019

We look forward to welcoming you in another Hapimag Resort during this period.