Houseboats Alsace – Holidays on the water

“In autumn things get quiet again on the canal. During a ride east to Saverne you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted time on the water. Dock in the harbour directly in front of the Château des Rohan and enjoy a culinary time-out at the Katz Tavern. It’s known for its exquisite Alsatian specialities.”

Conny Witzani, Resort Manager Houseboats

Discover an attractive region in the heart of Europe: Forests, vineyards, lakes and picturesque villages with centuries-old half-timbered houses, where geraniums blossom on windowsills. Hapimag houseboat holidays departing from Lagarde between the Rhine and Vosges offer all this. You will also enjoy lots of comfort on board the houseboat. The houseboats are a means of transport and a comfortable home in one.

Leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind you. A leisurely pace is key for holidays on the houseboat. In Alsace-Lorraine, culture buffs, nature lovers and food enthusiasts all get their money's worth. The starting point of the trip is in Lagarde, roughly an hour's drive east of Nancy. Here you will be the captain within just a short space of time. Slowly chug through the Alsatian countryside, past dense woods, big open grain fields, vineyards and half-timbered houses. Eagerly head for the next lock. Moor the boat and look around on foot or explore by bicycle. Travel to the next town and buy fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, Alsace wines and crisp baguettes. Head back to the sun deck and sip a drink before dinner and simply enjoy the idyllic atmosphere. Take a gourmet tour and drive from Lagarde towards Strasbourg. Follow the Marne-Rhine canal and discover Saint-Louis's vertical ship lift constructed as an inclined lift and explore the tunnels of Niederviller and Arzviller. Land at the port of Saverne, the most beautiful town in Alsace, and stroll through the streets lined with half-timbered houses. The dialect here is the nicest Alemannic dialect, littered with French: Bonjour, Hajo and Hano. In the Katz Tavern there is incredibly tasty beef, pork and mutton with home-made mild sauerkraut. The castle of the powerful Rohan, which adorns the port panorama, tells the history of the region. The journey continues. After Gondrexange, heading north, you cross over the "Alsace bossue" on the Canal des houillères de la Sarre (Saar Coal Mine Canal), which brings you past Mittersheim up to the pottery town of Sarreguemines (Saargemünd). The town of Nancy with the magnificent Place Stanislas awaits you in the west, which was designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. You can find the original Flammkuchen (French pizza) here in every typical pub. From Nancy you can continue on the Moselle to the town of Metz, which has been an international hub for the contemporary art scene since the opening of the Pompidou-Metz Centre. The comfortably furnished boats ensure you feel at home on holiday on the houseboats in Alsace-Lorraine. The boats undergo a maintenance check before every departure. Before you set off you receive detailed instructions and go on a test run with expert support. You do not need a boating licence!

Take the helm

Drift leisurely on the water and go on the occasional journey of discovery on land. As a houseboat captain in Alsace, you are in charge of setting the tempo and the number of stops – even for trips as short as three days (upon request). Take the helm and for a short time exchange the terra firma for the floating sun deck. Ship ahoy!

  • Minimum stay: 3 nights
  • Days of arrival: Friday and Saturday

Off-season break

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