VINTO – Apprenticeship and career for top athletes

To combine top sports and an apprenticeship practically is an important issue for Hapimag. Some grammar schools have responded to this need and offer apprenticeship opportunities that guarantee both a well-grounded academic training and enough free time for top sports. With VINTO, this is also possible with an apprenticeship at Hapimag.

The training to be an office clerk (profile B or E) or a retailer according to the VINTO model allows trainees to combine top sport and vocational training. By extending the apprenticeship to four years, the necessary free time can be created so that intensive training can be completed and the job training in the vocational school and at the firm is not insufficient. Thus, VINTO focuses on sport and vocational training, in contrast to an apprenticeship as a professional sports person which concentrates fully on sport.

The VINTO training model is unique in Switzerland. It appeals to talented sports people from all cantons in central Switzerland. From the beginning of the apprenticeship in 2002, the training has been offered in the Kaufmännisches Bildungszentrum (Commercial Training Centre) in Zug. The cooperation between the companies providing vocational training, the VINTO office (co-ordination and basic training) and the Kaufmännisches Bildungszentrum Zug (academic training) guarantees a high-quality apprenticeship.


Vinto training at Hapimag
Hapimag also supports young people and offers this training at their head office in Baar. At the moment, two Hapimag trainees are completing their Vinto training.



Training operation friendly to competitive sport