International apprenticeships

Tourism is not only the industry with the highest job security. It is also the industry that offers career opportunities with the greatest chance of rapid advancement. The apprenticeship is not the beginning of the end. Quite the contrary, the apprenticeship in tourism offers national and international promotion prospects.

Training with Hapimag has a lot of advantages. In Germany and Austria jobs in tourism are eminently respectable and positions for apprenticeships are much sought after.

Hapimag in Germany

Hapimag offers an apprenticeship with diverse opportunities for flexible young individuals who are outgoing and versatile and who are looking for a change and want to be creative. At Hapimag in Germany, the jobs of hotel administrator, restaurant specialist or chef are offered. More

Hapimag in Austria

In the Hapimag resorts in Austria, practical training is provided for the jobs of hotel and restaurant specialist, waiter and chef. The period of training is three or four years depending on the profession or combination of training. More

Hapimag Switzerland

The dual-study courses at a Berufsakademie (vocational college) offer young people the opportunity to combine the advantages of practical training with academic study. More