Apprenticeships in Switzerland

It is not easy for a young adult to decide on a profession. To facilitate the decision, Hapimag provides the opportunity to have a look at various activities.

Vocational training

Hapimag provides the following apprenticeships:

  • Apprentices report

    Filip Vujevic: My first day at work

    Like every year, on the first day after the summer holidays I was nervous. But it was no longer school, but work. When I entered the building, I was met by Ms Iten. Like all apprentices, I was given lots of information about the company and the work. After we had discussed this, I had a tour with Ms Stadelmann around the Finance Department, where I'm working today. Later I was informed that in the morning I would be with the debtors and in the afternoon with the creditors.

    After the tour, I was able to have my lunch break with the other apprentices. They were all very nice and open. The atmosphere was very tense at first, but after a time I felt good and started talking to everyone. All my questions were answered and I was very motivated when I returned to the department. When I got there, I got my first little jobs. On the one hand I was really proud to be able to do the work, but on the other hand I felt the responsibility. But the people here are very kind and helpful.

    Today I'm friends with everyone and feel really at ease. Everyone gave me a friendly reception and really made the start to my working life easy.

    Filip Vujevic

  • Trainees' trip to zuwebe

    Trainees' trip to zuwebe, 30 November 2012

    zuwebe, based in Baar, is the leading institution in the Canton of Zug for looking after handicapped people. Here, people can take part in the work process, which allows them to become actively integrated into working life. Altogether, over 240 handicapped people live and work at zuwebe.

    First, the apprentices were able to support the clients (as the people at zuwebe are known) in various activities. After refreshments, we were shown around the whole institution. We were given an insight into all the different work groups, in which various jobs were being performed for companies in Zug. zuwebe provides many opportunities: All kinds of work, from packing boxes to carpentry work, artwork and mailings, can be commissioned. Various Christmas articles are very well known, such as Santa Clause sacks (which we got from zuwebe last year), Christmas cards and lanterns. At the end, we were shown around the zuwebe residential areas, which were renovated in 2009. Altogether 85 residential places are available, with up to eight persons living together in various groups.

    We thank zuwebe for an interesting afternoon and for giving us an unusual insight into a very well functioning concept.

    zuwebe website

    Andrea Iten
    Human Resources Assistant

  • Annual trainees' trip

    Trainees' trip to Paris, from 26 to 29 April 2013

    Nine trainees and two escorts flew to Paris from 26 to 29 April 2013. After arriving in the French capital we noticed that not all airports are as cleared structured as the airport in Zürich. We eventually found our way to the train station. The reception in the Hapimag residence was formidable. While the Resort Manager Kerstin Berger gave us lots of tips and ideas for our stay in Paris, we enjoyed fine French pastries.

    First and foremost, a visit to the Eiffel Tower was on the cards. Thanks to the recommendation from Kerstin Berger, we decided to climb the famous Parisian tower by foot. The view became prettier with each step - and our breathing also became heavier! After we took several snaps of the spectacular view, we were all tired and hungry and went looking for Kentucky Fried Chicken. In the evening it soon became apparent that it is not so easy to find a restaurant to seat eleven people. However, we found a lovely "Beizli" (bistro) where we enjoyed our first evening meal.

    On the second day we went on a sightseeing bus and discovered Paris comfortably from the bus. Our hunger grew as the time passed and, as expected, we ended up in McDonald‘s! As some of us could hardly wait to go shopping, we split up for the afternoon. One group headed towards Sacre Coeur and the others were finally able to satisfy their shopping desire. In the evening we met the Front Office Manager Charlotte Klippmark in a restaurant opposite the Hapimag residence. We finished off the evening in the "Indiana Pub" in a nice and relaxed ambience.

    With the nice weather on Sunday we started the day with a walk through the Marais district. A few of us stumbled upon interesting shops. After a light lunch in a brasserie we headed towards the Seine where we went on a cruise. We were free to do whatever we liked for the remainder of the afternoon. In the evening we were fortunate enough to have made a reservation in the Hard Rock café, otherwise we would have had to wait an hour. We enjoyed our final evening in Paris and ended the day on the famous square in front of the Eiffel Tower. Everyone was tired on the return journey to Switzerland and happy when we landed back in Zürich.

    A big thank you to our two escorts Patricia Zürcher and Michael Ineichen for looking after us! And, of course, a big thank you to Hapimag who made this fantastic trip possible!

    Miriam Bucheli
    Commercial Trainee