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Around 60 addresses at top locations throughout Europe, approximately 125‘000 Shareholders and Members and an idea that has been successfully further developed since 1963: This is Hapimag.

Unmistakable holiday experiences for the most diverse demands and expectations, in the mountains, by the sea-side, in the country or in great European cities, inspiring architecture, authentic gastronomy in the resorts, as well as tailored service on location and on the way there – This is Hapimag for approximately 125‘000 Shareholders and Members. And also the sustainability balance at the around 60 locations in the 16 countries is impressive. With a high capacity utilisation rate, often throughout the year, Hapimag makes an above-average contribution to the number of tourists and income from tourism in the locations.

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Waldmannhalle Baar

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Board of Directors

  • Dr. iur. Giatgen Peder Fontana (CH)
    Dr. iur. Giatgen Peder Fontana

    President of the Board of Directors CH, Salouf

    Giatgen Peder Fontana has been a member of the Board of Directors of Hapimag AG since 2011 and President of the Board of Directors since 2013. He studied canon and civil law at the universities of Bern and Zurich, gaining his licentiate in 1978 in Zurich and his doctorate in 1986. During the course of his career, he has held positions in various companies as CEO and Marketing Manager at an international level. Since 1991, Giatgen Peder Fontana has brought his experience on several Boards of Directors to bear and to this day still serves as member of board of directors, president, foundation board member and partner. Furthermore, he advises companies on corporate and management development in strategic marketing.

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  • Dr. iur. Stefan Schalch LL.M. (CH)
    Dr. iur. Stefan Schalch

    Vice President of the Board of Directors CH, Wallisellen

    Stefan Schalch has been a member of the Board of Directors Hapimag AG since 2000. By virtue of his doctorate on time-sharing at the University of Zurich and Master of Laws from Cambridge University (UK), he is a prominent expert in the industry. Today he is a partner in the law firm Legis Rechtsanwälte AG in Zurich, specialising in commercial law (incl. tourism and energy law), and is also active as an independent member of the Board of Directors. As a member of the legislative committee of the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) since 1998, he is a proven industry expert.

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  • Lic. rer. pol. Kurt Scholl (D)
    Kurt Scholl

    Member of the Board of Directors CH, Steinhausen

    Kurt Scholl, CEO of Hapimag from 2003 to 2013, has been a member of the Board of Directors of Hapimag AG since 2013. Prior to his time as CEO at Hapimag, the son of hoteliers from the Black Forest was a consultant at KPMG. Kurt Scholl graduated with a degree in Economics and Business, after which he earned his spurs as managing director and CEO with various international companies. As a former Hapimag CEO, he knows the business model like no other.

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  • Philipp Ries (CH)

    Member of the Board of Directors CH, Zurich

    Philipp Ries has been a member of the Board of Directors at Hapimag AG since 2017. He has been working for Google in a number of management roles since 2010. Previously he worked for Hewlett Packard for 6.5 years in an international role. He has many years of management experience in the field of SME’s and coaches Startups in the areas of company culture, management and business development. Philipp Ries holds a Master of computer science/economics from the University of Zurich and completed the Stanford Executive Program at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

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  • Andreas Winiarski (D)

    Member of the Board of Directors D, Berlin

    Andreas Winiarski has been a member of the Board of Directors of Hapimag AG since 2018. He is a partner at Earlybird Venture Capital, one of Europe’s leading venture capital funds. Before that he was the Managing Director of Rocket Internet and helped expand Rocket from a small start-up to a listed company with a market cap in the billions of dollars and more than 35 000 employees. He has experience in corporate communications and as the digital coordinator of the BILD editorial department, while also acting as a consultant for the German government on digital issues.

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Executive Committee

  • Hassan Kadbi – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Hassan Kadbi

    Member of the Executive Board
    Chief Executive Officer

    Year of birth 1978
    Nationality Lebanon
    Education and training Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Bournemouth, Great Britain

    Higher Diploma in Hotel Management at the IHTTI School of Hotel Management in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    Employment history
    From November 2016 Hapimag AG, Baar
    Member of the Executive Board, Chief Executive Officer
    2013 – 2016 Hapimag AG, Baar
    Member of the Executive Board, Chief Resorts & Residences Officer
    2008 – 2012 Hapimag AG, Baar
    Area Manager for Greece and Turkey and General Manager of the resort in Bodrum
    2007 – 2008 Hapimag AG, Baar
    Area Manager for Greece and North Africa
    2005 – 2006 Hapimag AG, Baar
    General Manager at Hapimag in Bodrum, Hotel
    2000 – 2004 Hilton, worldwide
    At various Hilton hotels (Great Britain, Greece, Malaysia) in various positions (Operation Manager, Communications Manager, Conference and Banqueting Operation Manager, Pre- and Post-opening Support)
  • Manuel Carrasco – Chief Hospitality Officer (CHO)
    Manuel Carraso, Chief Hospitality Officer


    Manuel Carrasco
    Member of the Executive Board
    Chief Hospitality Officer

    Year of birth 1966
    Nationality Spanish
    Education Training as restaurateur
    Management trainee at Hotel Rheinpark Plaza Neuss
    Diploma in supplementary education in Spanish
    Since January 2017 Hapimag AG, Baar
    Member of the Executive Board, Chief Hospitality Officer
    2015 – 2016 Hapimag AG, Baar
    Operations Manager
    2006 – 2015 Hapimag AG
    In various positions (Resort Manager Paguera & Deputy Area Manager Spain, Portugal & Marrakesh
    1999 – 2006 InterContinental Hotels Group
    In various InterContinental brand hotels
    (Munich, Vienna, Madrid) in various positions
    (Resident Manager, Executive Assistant Manager, Director of Food & Beverages)
    1996 – 1999 Director of Convention & Catering and Director of Food & Beverages
    Maritim Congress Hotel Frankfurt
    1994 – 1996 Assistant Congress Manager
    Swissôtel Düsseldorf

    A history of Hapimag

    Founded in 1963 with a profit-oriented business model, Hapimag has now adopted a co-operative model and become one of Europe's most successful time-share providers. Its 125,000 shareholders and members can now choose from over 5000 holiday apartments in around 60 resorts in the most beautiful locations in Europe, the USA, Turkey and Morocco.

    The founding phase (1963 to 1968)

    On 24 September 1963, Alexander Nette from Germany and Dr Guido M. Renggli, a lawyer from Zug, founded “Hapimag Hotel- und Apartmenthaus Immobilien Anlage AG”, which translates to "Hapimag hotel and apartment building real estate Ltd.", a name that was later shortened to "Hapimag AG". The company was entered in the commercial register of canton Zug, Switzerland. Co-founder Alexander Nette became the first Chairman of the Board of Directors.

    His idea was alluring: Nette wanted to provide people who could not afford their own holiday home with the opportunity to spend their holidays in a "place of their own" in various locations around Europe at an affordable cost. Dr Guido M. Renggli recommended that he form a limited company, whose shares were contractually linked to time-shares in the company's holiday apartments. The business model at the time of the company's founding was profit-oriented. Nette outsourced all major business activities to his businesses, aiming to make a profit. In order to ensure flexibility in the choice of a holiday location, a points system was developed: for each share purchased, shareholders received one point, which they could then use for individual stays in holiday apartments. This was a world first that many would later mimic: a points-based time-share model.

    Years of change (1968 to 1971)

    Alexander Nette's business model met with increasing opposition from a group of shareholders, leading to his departure from the Hapimag Board of Directors in 1968. The newly formed Board of Directors terminated his contracts and its seats were filled predominantly by Shareholders and Members of the opposition. Among them was Eberhard Fellmer, who is well-known across Germany for his appearance as a lawyer in the television series "Das Fernsehgericht tagt" ("TV court in session"). During this important time for Hapimag, Fellmer acted as Chairman of the Board of Directors for just over eleven years. In 1971, Dr Hans Schalch was appointed Chief Executive Officer. He established a modern corporate organisation in Baar, in the vicinity of Zug. This gave Hapimag the structure it has today as an independent, co-operative time-share provider, answering only to its shareholders.

    The phase of consolidation and growth (1971 to 2000)

    In 1972, Hapimag first sold a points product that was not tied to a share and, by 1973, just ten years after it was first founded, Hapimag had a tidy 10,000 Shareholders and Members. It greatest membership growth, however, the leap from 10% to 19%, was to come in the 80s. In 1994, the number of Shareholders and Members exceeded the 100,000 threshold.

    Hapimag's membership became increasingly international: ever more British and Italian Shareholders and Members were attracted. The diversity of its membership countries has always been a challenge for both the resorts' operations and communication. New Shareholders and Members mean greater demand for accommodation, which has to be met with increases in resort capacity. While, in the early days, Hapimag bought only individual apartments with established facilities, it was soon procuring entire buildings, the first of which on the Italian Adriatic coast. In 1972, Hapimag started to create its very own holiday resorts; the first was in Porto Heli, Greece. As the first time-share provider in the world, Hapimag also started to acquire city resorts. Today, Hapimag owns resorts in 15 major cities, such as London, Paris and Berlin, boasting 550 holiday apartments.

    A dedicated Service Center has been opened at the headquarters in Baar. The services and infrastructure at the resorts have been expanded: the larger resorts have restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts and other leisure facilities. Trips for Shareholders and Members are organised under the Tandem Tours brand.

    The resort locations are chosen in line with the requirements of Hapimag Shareholders and Members, who, often belonging to the upper middle-class, want to tailor their holidays to their preferences. This is why sustainability, high building standards and regional architecture are accorded so much importance when new resorts are being built. Listed buildings, such as those in the two resorts in Tuscany (Tonda and Pentolina) and in our city resorts in London, Dresden, Prague and Budapest, are considered an enrichment. Hapimag entered entirely new territory in 1994 with the Sea Garden Hotel & Resort in Bodrum on the Turkish Aegean Sea. The largest Hapimag resort with 351 holiday apartments, a five-star hotel with 285 rooms and countless shops, restaurants and leisure facilities was built across three wondrous sea bays.

    A change at the helm and attempted coup (2000 to 2004)

    At the 2000 Annual General Meeting, the members of the Board of Directors, including co-founder Dr Guido M. Renggli, did not stand for re-election in the interests of enabling the next generation to bring new ideas to the table. Dr Marisabel Spitz was elected to the Board of Directors and, two years later, took over as Chairman. She secured Kurt Scholl for the position of CEO, who had previously acted as a Hapimag advisor.

    The new Board of Directors met with its first challenge at the 2004 Annual General Meeting: A previously little known shareholder by the name of Schreiber, belonging to a group with a criminal history operating under the title of "Interessengemeinschaft für Hapimag Aktionäre" ("Hapimag shareholders' committee") wrote to all of the German-speaking Hapimag shareholders, making blanket accusations against the Board of Directors and demanding that they issue them a proxy for the Annual General Meeting. Thanks to the support of many Hapimag shareholders, the Shareholders and Members of the group were identified and their intentions unveiled: to sell lucrative Hapimag real estate to an investment fund in which the Shareholders and Members of the group were involved. And so the most prominent attack on Hapimag independence was staved off. At the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors was re-elected by a 95% majority.

    Renovation and an anniversary (2004 to 2014)

    Under the stewardship of Dr Marisabel Spitz and Kurt Scholll, the company entered into cooperation ventures with partners of international reach, extending the range of offers for Hapimag Shareholders and Members. Comprehensive renovation work continually improved the quality of accommodation. Bearing the title "Worlds of Experience", leisure activities and resorts are oriented towards the four themes "Family", "Discover", "Active" and "Relax". The creation of its own golf club has made Hapimag even more attractive. The range of services is also being extended: we are initiating a comprehensive share buy-back programme for Shareholders and Members who are no longer able to keep their shares due to their age and opening decentralised Service Points in our principal countries to see to all of our Shareholders and Members' questions and queries.

    The entire year 2013 was shaped by our 50-year anniversary: this milestone was celebrated with 50 anniversary weeks incorporating the "sharing & caring" theme and a huge anniversary celebration on 24 September 2013. Six cyclists reported on their journey through the world of Hapimag, sharing their experiences, while children and young people with disabilities or from socially challenging backgrounds enjoyed unencumbered holiday days within the framework of the "The gift of adventure" charity project.

    Adapting to evolving demand and current trends, Hapimag launched the "Options" range in 2014. The range enables customers to tailor their membership even more precisely to their individual requirements, opening up the option to interrupt membership or terminate it in a timely, uncomplicated manner.

    Keeping up with the times (2016 to today)

    2016 saw the opening of two new city resorts in Hamburg and Lisbon. In Switzerland, the next milestone was reached: Hapimag is celebrating the ground-breaking of construction work on a new office building in Steinhausen, Zug, Switzerland. Construction is also underway on the Italian Adriatic coast in the vicinity of Venice: this is where the new Hapimag Resort Cavallino is planned to be opened in 2018. Hassan Kadbi has taken up office as the new CEO. Watch this space: what started as a good idea will be led to a successful future by many innovative ideas to come.

    Hapimag. Always a pleasure!

    What is special about Hapimag is not just the unique idea, but also the underlying values of that idea. We attach great importance to criteria such as quality, safety and sustainability – but also to aspects such as maximum individuality, outstanding value for money and the strengths of our Swiss roots.

    • Swissness

      Quality and reliability

      Even if Hapimag calls many of the most beautiful places in Europe home, its Swiss origin cannot be denied. The passion for quality, precision and hospitality anchored in our genes make the most enjoyable time of the year even more enjoyable. Our fondness for precision ensures that the complex processes which take place in the resorts and residences operate without a hitch day after day. We also maintain and look after our self-financed real estate portfolio, demonstrating that we also have the special Swiss talent for value-enhancing management
      of investments. In short, the virtues that make us Swiss ensure that Hapimag Shareholders and Members who arrive for a new holiday feel just as well looked-after and safe as they did the last time.

    • Long-term approach

      The longer, the more valuable

      Dependable values aren't created overnight; it takes time. Hapimag has been around for over 50 years, and similarly there are memberships that have been upheld over generations. From the very first day, our business model was designed for longevity. We give our Shareholders and Members the certainty that everything will always be just as they like it from one holiday to the next. To ensure that this doesn't change, we run all of our resorts and residences ourselves. The fact that we are devoted to a long-term approach also means that our offers are continually being updated in line with the wishes and needs of our Shareholders and Members. A long-term approach also has other benefits. Many things which appear unaffordable at the present time can actually be acquired in the long-term. Our Shareholders and Members can look forward to their holidays years in advance because our attractive conditions secure not just their next holiday, but the one after and the one after that.

    • Sustainability

      Economical and ecological

      The Hapimag model is economically and ecologically beneficial in the long-term because our Shareholders and Members use the resorts and residences jointly and in an environmentally compatible manner. It is their high expectations which support the sustainability of the Hapimag concept most effectively. Furthermore, continuous investment and regular renovations maintain the value of our portfolio, ensuring that the buildings and technology remain up-to-date and that our Shareholders and Members are just as happy to see the facilities again every time they arrive for a new holiday. A pleasant environment is a basic requirement for unspoiled holiday pleasure. If necessary, Hapimag establishes the necessary local infrastructure itself. After all, we want our Shareholders and Members to enjoy carefree holidays - and that means with a clear conscience.

    • Value for money

      Price stability and insensitivity to economic fluctuations

      There are places and locations in the world which are reserved to just a small group of holidaymakers. Hapimag membership is the entry ticket to some of the most exclusive holiday regions of the world – and it doesn't cost a fortune. Because the Hapimag concept is geared for the long term, our Shareholders and Members can do things that are usually the reserve of the top ten thousand. Who else is able to marry in a castle or breakfast on the dunes of Sylt? When over 135 000 Shareholders and Members join forces, every single one of them can do much more. And Hapimag lets you experience unforgettable holidays even if your holiday budget isn't as generous as usual.

    • Exclusivity

      Holidays at the most desirable destinations

      Our Shareholders and Members have access to an exclusive holiday world at resorts and residences in beautiful coastal areas, in the centre of cosmopolitan cities, in alpine regions and other exciting landscapes. Apartments which are regionally equipped, but always above average, are a matter of course. Hapimag Shareholders and Members thus enjoy privileges which few others can. In London you reside side-by-side with the upper class by Kensington Gardens, while in St. Michael you can immerse yourself in a steaming chocolate bath.
      Wherever their favourite places are, our Shareholders and Members enjoy them exclusively – accompanied solely by like-minded individuals and always undisturbed.

    • Individuality

      Each to his own

      At Hapimag, everyone should be able to enjoy holidays in accordance with their personal desires and expectations. From the eight Worlds of Experience: "City & Culture", "Family & Fun", "Golf",  "Tradition", "Watersport", "Wellbeing & Relax" or "and More", our Shareholders and Shareholders and Members can choose the ones that come closest to their specific needs. In addition, they also have the freedom to choose from a wide range of attractive destinations and to decide for themselves when they take their holiday.
      Moreover, our Leisure Consultants locally will make sure that our Shareholders and Members can experience things that they are unable to see or do anywhere else. There are as many different ideas about what makes the perfect holiday as there are holidaymakers.

    • Community

      Trying out new things together

      Hapimag Shareholders and Members are a community of like-minded people. They are connected by an irrepressible wanderlust and ability to take delight in the extraordinary. They appreciate the reassurance of knowing that they are not alone in their expectations. Our ambitious holiday connoisseurs want to spend their holidays among people who share their preferences and passions. That's why they are not to be found in the centres of mass tourism but at the exclusive addresses of the Hapimag resorts and residences.
      Everyone decides for himself whether community develops into companionship. An unforgettable time can be had amongst family Shareholders and Members, with friends or even alone. Access to your own personal holiday refuge is reserved exclusively for Shareholders and Members and their guests.

    • Convenience

      Personal all-round support

      Hapimag membership is supposed to be simple and uncomplicated. That's why holidays start for Hapimag Shareholders and Members long before they pack their suitcases. Personal, competent consultation, the services on offer, the simple booking process, and much more besides, ensure that the holiday enjoyment starts even during the travel preparations. Moreover, our travellers know exactly what they can expect, long before they arrive at the destination of their dreams. A wide range of services à la carte for every age group ensures peace of mind during their stay at the Hapimag resorts and residences.