Vacation that simply makes you happy

Discover the Hapimag holiday world

High-quality and fully equipped holiday apartments - test it!

Vacation that simply makes you happy

Discover the Hapimag holiday world

Exclusive access to a diverse holiday world - test it!

Vacation that simply makes you happy

Discover the Hapimag holiday world

Personal assistance before, during and after your holiday - test it!

Vacation that simply makes you happy

Discover the Hapimag holiday world

Travel and experiences for the whole family - test it!

Vacation that simply makes you happy

Discover the Hapimag holiday world

A sustainable concept and over 55 years of experience - test it!

Try Hapimag without obligation

Use our trial membership to enjoy your next vacation on attractive terms. Starting at just CHF 495.- you can test Hapimag and enjoy unique holiday moments.

How does Hapimag work?


  • Hapimag was founded more than 55 years ago with the cooperative idea “invest together - enjoy individually”.
  • You become a part of the community and receive access to the holiday world of Hapimag by purchasing Hapimag shares.
  • Shareholders receive residence points every year, which can be used to book holidays.
  • Prospective customers can also take out a trial membership to find out more about Hapimag at no obligation.

Hapimag is worth it!

As part of the Hapimag community, your holidays will be cheaper in the long-term. Depending on your preferred type of holiday, the investment pays off after just a few holidays. Calculate here how much the Hapimag trial membership would cost you – completely individually.

Try Hapimag with no obligation

Let us advise you personally & benefit from the trial membership starting at CHF 495.-

Choose from 58 resorts & enjoy your dream holiday

Try Hapimag up to 18 months & see for yourself

The advantages of Hapimag

✓ Best locations: Our 58 Hapimag resorts are always located in the middle of the city, right on the beach or next to the ski slope

✓ Personal service: With the aim of always exceeding the expectations of our guests, we respond to your individual needs. 

✓ Comfortable: Holiday apartments with plenty of room and a fully equipped kitchen without having to forego the advantages of a hotel.

✓ Absolutely carefree: Pure relaxation guaranteed  – 18 HolidayCheck Awards, 9 of them in gold and 84% guest satisfaction speak for themselves. 

✓ Flexible: Compared to your own holiday apartment, the costs are significantly lower and you remain flexible when choosing your destination.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

You can reach us by telephone from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., or at any time by e-mail.

Telephone00800 9077 9077* (or alternatively: +41 58 733 70 60)
E-Mail[email protected]

*Roaming charges may apply

125,000 members have already joined up... for good reason!

Jil Christin S.

"I've been traveling my whole life with Hapimag and now with my own family. Because I think that the price-performance ratio is right and that you get everything you need for a perfect family holiday: Baby beds, high chairs, well-equipped kitchens, large apartments. For us, no other holiday is an option."

Sibylle and Frieder Z.

"We have been at Hapimag for over 25 years  in the past with our children, who made many friends during their holidays, now often in twos in the city resorts. We can always rely on the quality, the price is right and we are always received friendly."

Bea E.

"I love Hapimag because I know that the resorts are always in beautiful and interesting places. I appreciate the quality and comfort of the apartments and the flexibility to eat out or cook my own meals. And I really love the good on-site service."

Claudia J.

"For us, Hapimag means holidays from day one. City resorts in the best locations, loaded with amenities, shops right inside the facilities - we just love Hapimag."

Hapimag for companies

Happy people are healthier, more motivated and learn faster.

Not only you, but also your company and your employees can benefit from Hapimag. Whether for business trips, incentives or as a corporate benefit. 

Share «Hapimag Classic»

  • By purchasing a Hapimag Classic share, you are buying a right of residence to 58 Hapimag resorts, making you a co-owner of the Hapimag property portfolio.
  • You can travel yourself, but friends, relatives and acquaintances can also benefit from Hapimag.
  • If you hold three or more shares, you will receive a discount on your annual charge. With three to four shares you receive 5%, with five to six shares 10% and from seven shares 15% on all your annual charges.
  • For every CHF 250 turnover in the resorts, you receive one residential point credited as a loyalty bonus.
  • Each share also gives you a voting right for the Annual General Meeting and enables you to have a say in the future of Hapimag.

First Hapimag Classic share: CHF 3630.–

Second Hapimag Classic share: CHF 2630.–

From the third Hapimag Classic share: CHF 2330.–

For each share you hold, you will receive 60 residence points. In return, you will pay an annual contribution (contribution in 2019: CHF 338.40).

  • Dividends are not issued on the shares – instead, you will receive residence points for use of the resorts. 
  • You can also purchase 120 additional residence points on the Points Platform and bring forward up to 60 high-season points from the following year per share each year. Residence points are valid for five years.
  • Local charges for electricity, cleaning and service are paid per stay directly at the resort.
  • The contract has an initial term of three years. The duration begins the following 01.01. after the year of purchase. With Hapimag Classic, you pay the annual charge for four years; the year of acquisition and the three subsequent years. After that, the right of residence may be terminated flexibly. The annual charge is waived and you will no longer have further points credited to you. You can reactivate the right of residence at any time or transfer the share.