A brilliant holiday concept

Exclusive access to a diverse holiday world

A brilliant holiday concept

High-quality and fully equipped holiday apartments

A brilliant holiday concept

Personal assistance before, during and after your holiday

A brilliant holiday concept

Travel and experiences for the whole family

A brilliant holiday concept

A sustainable concept and over 55 years of experience

Hapimag – a brilliant holiday concept

As part of the Hapimag community, you will spend your holiday in the best locations, pay attractive prices and feel at home.

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How does Hapimag work?


For more than 55 years, our community has forstered the idea of Sharing and Caring: Together we invest in resorts thus to use them individually and sustainably.

Step 1: buying shares

Buy one or more "Hapimag Classic" shares and get exclusive access to the Hapimag holiday world.

Step 2: paying the charge

You pay an annual charge per share and receive 60 residence points per year.

Step 3: going on holiday

Enjoy relaxing holidays with your family and friends in around 60 resorts in 16 countries.

The holiday world of Hapimag

For whom is Hapimag worthwhile?

Relaxation & active holiday

14 days Tuscany (Pentolina) in low season for 4 persons 
7 days skiing holiday in the Swiss mountains (Flims) 

Already from EUR 31.– per person/night
(for 2 shares Hapimag Classic)

Holidays with the whole family

14 days summer holiday on Mallorca for 4 persons 
3 days city trip to Hamburg 

Already from EUR 36.– per person/night
(for 3 shares Hapimag Classic)

How much does Hapimag cost?

If you would like to know how much a Hapimag holiday costs and whether purchasing Hapimag shares would be worthwhile for you, simply use our holiday calculator.

How to become part of the Hapimag Community

By purchasing one or more Hapimag Classic shares, you can join the Hapimag Community and gain access to a world of holidays full of variety, with around 60 resorts in 16 different countries.

You will experience the freedom of having your own holiday apartment – at attractive prices, in an exceptional location and with personal support – and have the opportunity to organise a different holiday every single time.

Share «Hapimag Classic»

  • By purchasing a Hapimag Classic share, you are buying a right of residence to around 60 Hapimag resorts, making you a co-owner of the Hapimag property portfolio.
  • Each share also gives you a voting right for the Annual General Meeting and enables you to have a say in the future of Hapimag.
  • Use your residence points to take your friends and relatives on holiday with you or enjoy a trip on your own.
  • You can purchase an additional 60 residence points from the Points Kiosk per share each year. You have the opportunity to purchase up to 300 additional residence points per active share each, if you are missing any points, for stays during seasons C and D during the online booking process.
  • You can also bring forward up to 60 high-season points from the following year per share each year.
  • You can transfer the share within your family free of charge at any time (and outside of your family for a fee).
  • Your share(s) can of course be inherited.

First Hapimag Classic share: CHF 3630.–

Second Hapimag Classic share: CHF 2630.–

From the third Hapimag Classic share: CHF 2330.–

For each share you hold, you will receive 60 residence points. In return, you will pay an annual contribution (contribution in 2019: CHF 346.80).

  • The Hapimag Classic is a usufructuary share and not an investment share that will increase in value.
  • Dividends are not issued on the shares – instead, you will receive residence points for use of the resorts. Residence points are valid for five years.
  • Local charges for electricity, cleaning and service are paid per stay at the resort itself (see Booking Information).
  • To protect your rights, the share purchase is only valid after the 14-day cooling-off period; this starts from the date the purchase contract is signed. After this period, the purchase price will be invoiced and the residence points allocated.
  • The purchase price of the share and the initial annual charge must be paid within 20 days of receipt of the invoice (instalment payments may be possible in exceptional circumstances).
  • The amount of the subsequent annual subscription charges is communicated at the same time the invoice is issued, and the personal account statement is sent at the start of the calendar year. The residence points are also allocated at the start of the calendar year.
  • At the end of the share’s seven-year duration, it is possible to suspend the share in the eighth year. From the ninth year, the annual subscription will lapse and you will no longer be credited points. You can reactivate the share at any time or pass it on.

If you are interested in what we have to offer, allow us to advice you.

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