How it works – share holiday apartments

We have around 120 000 members who love to spend their holidays in a relaxed and responsible way. That is why we are investing together in holiday apartments all over Europe that we can enjoy individually.

Hapimag - the right choice:

  • Generously built holiday flats and lots of privacy
  • Own kitchen and nearby shopping facilities
  • Hygiene and safety are our top priority

Residence points are our currency

Residence points

For booking the holiday apartment

Local charges

Operating costs such as electricity, internet and cleaning

Holiday apartment

With personal support on site

Each member receives at least 60 residence points per year

28 days in Majorca in March or 5 days of skiing in Flims

With 60 residence points, you can take a short or a long holidays in Europe, depending on the season and the category of apartment. If you don’t have enough points, you can buy up to 120 points.

Use them yourself or share with family & friends

You can also use your residence points for friends or acquaintances, book holidays for them and give them a treat.

Benefit from discounts & promotions

For example, you can enjoy holidays without having to use any points. Or you can book four weeks, but only need points for three.

How can I become a member?

With our membership, you aren’t only able to enjoy your holidays with us, but also to help shape the future of Hapimag.

Buy your first share on our marketplace directly from other members: register, pick an offer you like and contact the seller.

Not sure yet? Try us out for twelve months with no obligation

Check out the exclusive Hapimag holiday experience for yourself.


  • Can I try Hapimag out?

    Yes, with a trial membership you can try Hapimag for up to 12 months from CHF 495.–. Register for the Booking Portal free of charge and then finalise the trial membership with your first booking.

  • Why do I need residence points to book the holiday apartment?

    Hapimag was founded with the cooperative idea “own together - enjoy individually”. The residence points ensure that all members can spend holidays with Hapimag according to their contribution.

  • Why are local charges incurred?

    The local charges cover the operating costs at the resorts; for electricity, cleaning, internet and services etc. As the cost structure varies according to the season (e.g. winter maintenance is only charged in winter), these costs are charged according to use and are not covered by the annual charge.

  • How do I get residence points?

    All members receive the residence points they are entitled to on an annual basis. The number of residence points depends on the number of rights of residence a member owns. 60 residence points are allocated every year for each right of residence and thus annual charge. If more residence points are needed at short notice, they can be purchased from other members when booking or via the Points Platform. If you regularly need more residence points, it is advisable to invest in Hapimag again and purchase rights of residence.

    If you would like to try Hapimag, you can register and then purchase residence points when you make your first booking. This allows you to get to know Hapimag for 12 months.

  • What if I don't use all my residence points?

    Residence points are valid for 5 years. This means that you have the opportunity to use residence points also at a later stage. You can also use the Points Platform to sell residence points that you can’t use yourself.

  • Can I transfer residence points?

    Friends, relatives and acquaintances can also use your residence points to travel. You can also transfer your residence points to another member account if you wish. If you don’t want to transfer residence points within your family or to friends, you can also sell those to other members via the Points Platform. 

  • How is the annual charge used?

    Most of the money is needed for the maintenance and infrastructure of the resorts as well as to cover administration costs, including the Member Service Center. The highest priority is economical operation and user-oriented management.

  • Does the annual charge change?

    No significant increase in costs is anticipated. However, the inflation rate, wage developments due to statutory requirements and renovation costs may mean that Hapimag has to recalculate the annual charge and, if necessary, slightly adjust it for the following year.

  • What rights do I have as a member and shareholder?

    The right of residence grants the member access to 57 Hapimag resorts with over 5,000 holiday apartments. As a shareholder of Hapimag AG you have a voting and election right at the Hapimag General Meeting and can help to shape the future of Hapimag. The Hapimag share does not pay any dividends.

  • What are my obligations as a member and shareholder?

    The member is obliged ot pay the annual charges.

  • How long does the membership last?

    The Hapimag membership is open-ended. The membership can be passed on quite easily to children and grandchildren. Once purchased, it guarantees you the right of residence for generations to come.

  • Can I increase my right of residence?

    You can purchase additional rights of residence at any time and thus increase your right of residence. From the third right of residence onwards, members receive a discount on the annual charge. For three to four rights of residence the discount is 5%; for five to six rights of residence it is 10% and from the seventh right of residence it is 15%.

  • How can I cancel my membership?

    Prospective customers can get to know Hapimag for 12 months and decide by then whether or not they wish to enter into a longer-term membership. The contract for long-term membership has an initial duration of three years. The duration of the latest product Hapimag Classic begins on 1 January of the year following signature of the contract. With Hapimag Classic, you pay the annual charge for four years (for the year of signature of the contract and the three years thereafter). After that, cancellation of the right of residence is flexible. As a result, the annual fee will be waived and you will no longer have residence points credited to you. You can transfer the right of residence at any time. You will find further information here.