News about the renovation in Paguera

02.08.2021 – Happening soon: This winter will see the start of the extensive renovation of our Hapimag resort in Mallorca. We have exciting news and already the first pictures of what the apartments will look like.  

At a glance:


  • Construction work is set to begin in the 4th quarter of 2021 

  • Paguera is the second-largest Hapimag resort after Bodrum

  • We opened the doors to the first apartments in 1981

  • The facility comprises 250 holiday apartments and spans 40,000 m2  

  • Information about the start of construction can be found in the Booking Information 2021/22 (page 7)

I share so many wonderful memories with our guests. Together we can now look forward to a newly renovated resort. Here’s to countless more great holiday memories!

Carlos García Iglesias, Resort Manager
Martin Roten

Q&A with Martin Roten, Chief Real Estate & Maintenance

Martin, what does the building project mean to you personally? 

I am delighted that the planning phase has been completed as planned and that the definitive timetable is now in place. A renovation this extensive takes careful planning. The coordination process over the last few months has been very challenging. But I am also particularly happy for our guests, who will be able to spend their holidays in a newly renovated resort in the future. 

What will be new? 

  • Every holiday apartment will be modernised throughout

  • Repairs will be made to the indoor pool and sauna 

  • The “Tentación” restaurant will receive a face-lift  

  • The reception area and other public areas will be updated

  • Repairs will be made to the facades, corridors and stairs to the apartments

  • Buildings and the water supply system will be repaired

  • Technical installations will be replaced where necessary 

  • Repairs will be made to the roads and paths inside the resort

When will the construction phase start, and how long will the renovation take?  

Construction will begin this winter, while the resort is normally closed, in late 2021 or early 2022. We are planning to open the newly renovated Hapimag Resort Paguera for our shareholders and members again in the 2023 summer season. 

Paguera is one of our largest resorts. Capital expenditure here has to be considered very carefully. How are priorities set? 

We focus on what is most important to our guests. So, first and foremost, we look at renovating the holiday apartments. We also concentrate on everything that is directly part of the holiday experience. We make sure that the capital expenditure is very targeted and sustainable. 

Can you give us an example?  

Our furnishings are intrinsically of very good quality, so we can restore a lot of furniture instead of buying new. This saves money and resources, so it is sustainable from both an economic and an environmental perspective.  

How many holiday apartments will be available for our guests, and what size will they be?   

There will be a total of 250 holiday apartments. Of course, we will also make a number of them wheelchair-accessible. We will have 203 2-room apartments in total and 39 3-room apartments. 

What will our apartments look like? 

We can show you a few photos of the show apartment in Paguera below. 

Thank you, Martin. We can’t wait to hear more about this ...

Show apartment in Paguera


  • Every apartment will be modernised throughout

  • Slight variations or changes are possible

This is what the apartments look like before the renovation

Outlook Renovation Projects

What do you pay the annual charge for?

  • We are constantly investing in the infrastructure of the 56 Hapimag resorts – so that the whole Hapimag family benefits. Your annual charge is mainly used for renovations

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