It is clear: women and men earn the same at Hapimag Switzerland

19.05.2021 – Hapimag is a progressive company, and not just since yesterday. On average, the women at Hapimag Switzerland earn the same as the men, even 'a little' more.

At a glance:


  • Hapimag has encouraged the principle of equal pay since years

  • Statutory wage equality analysis established

  • External audit by a specialised company

An analysis of equal pay shows that women at Hapimag Switzerland earn 1.2% more than men, taking into account personal and professional characteristics. "The difference is certainly small. However, in this day and age, it is a nice detail that this difference is in favour of women and not to their disadvantage", says Thomas Roost, Chief Human Resources Officer of Hapimag.

The analysis of wage equality in Switzerland is now established by law. The Swiss Federal Act on Equality between Women and Men has been revised and obliges employers to collect and compare wage data within the company. Its purpose is to enforce the constitutional right to equal pay for equal work and work of equal value. These analyses are to be repeated every four years.   

We have been supporting the principle of equal pay at Hapimag for many years, and we are working hard to achieve this goal.

Thomas Roost, Chief Human Resources Officer

The result is very pleasing, says Thomas Roost. However, the news comes as no great surprise: "We have upheld the principle of equal pay for many years and have been working on it. It is fantastic that this has been statistically proven by a neutral, external body”.

Hapimag Switzerland currently employs 220 people; at the headquarters in Steinhausen and in the four resorts in Andeer, Ascona, Flims and Interlaken. The analysis was carried out by the certified auditing firm BDO Visura. Measured in full time positions, Hapimag employs globally an average of around 1,500 people a year. Other countries have not yet been audited, however our basic practices do not vary between countries. 

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