What do I pay the annual charge for?

12.01.2021 – Hapimag uses a large part of the annual charges for renovations and repairs of the 56 Hapimag resorts. Further capital expenditure is due in 2021.

At a glance:


  • Several investments are due to take place in 2021, including the major project in Paguera 

  • The focus of other investments is on work in the apartments 

  • The annual charge for 2021 remains stable despite the corona pandemic, with the euro charge below that of 2015

  • Thanks to discounts on the annual charges, Hapimag will pass on EUR 2.7 million to its shareholders and members

Sharing & caring forms the basis of Hapimag’s business model. The resorts and the corresponding infrastructure are financed collectively by many shareholders and members for the purpose of using the resorts for their individual holidays. In this way, Hapimag places great emphasis on sustainable and customer-focused management.

Ongoing investments
In 2020 Hapimag made ongoing investments. For more information on these, read the articles on Antibes and London. Smaller refurbishments also contribute to guests' well-being; for example in Munich the ambience was rated 8% better by the guests after the furniture and mattresses were replaced. This shows that you can achieve significant added value with smaller investments. Feedback from guests in the holiday surveys, for example on sleeping comfort, is incorporated directly into the planning. 

Further capital expenditure is planned for 2021, depending on the pandemic situation. For example, Hapimag plans to start renovation work on the holiday apartments in Paguera. Further planned measures can be found below. 

Over the next five years, Hapimag plans to invest in the holiday apartments at up to 15 resorts. At the same time, maintenance, repair and replacement measures are being carried out on an ongoing basis at all resorts. 

Annual charge stable
Despite the crisis, Hapimag was determined to keep the annual charge stable for 2021.  In euros it is currently below the level of 2015. Thanks to the discounts on the annual charges, Hapimag will pass on EUR 2.7 million to its shareholders and members.

However, Covid-19 also has an impact on resort investments, with the pandemic setting certain financial limits. In concrete terms, planned measures are being rescaled or implemented more efficiently. The primary focus is always on the holiday apartments, with the cost-benefit ratio being decisive. Of the 2021 annual charge, an average of 45% per shareholder will go towards renovations.

Focusing on the holiday apartments, we plan to continue to make targeted investments in our resorts this year in order to provide our guests with a high level of comfort.

Martin Roten, Chief Real Estate Officer

How will the annual charge for 2021 be used?


Depreciation (resort renovations): Expenditure for renovations and the infrastructure of the resorts.

Central Services: e.g. costs for IT and telecommunications, Finance and Controlling

Member Services: Costs for member support, including the booking and points platform, the website or resort apps, and the Service Points

Taxes, duties, insurance: Necessary duties, insurance and taxes related to the Hapimag resorts   

Resort management / national subsidiaries: Costs for the management of the resorts and the administration of the decentralised companies in the various countries

The annual charge will remain stable in 2021

Despite the crisis, we were committed to keeping the annual charge stable for 2021. In euros it is currently below the level of 2015. We cannot rule out the possibility that the annual charge will have to be increased again in the future. However, it is important for us not to place any additional financial burdens on our shareholders and members, especially during these difficult times.

The annual charge in Swiss francs for 2021 of CHF 339.00 is comparatively even significantly below the figure of CHF 372.60 from 2015. It is therefore CHF 33.60 (-9.0%) lower than five years ago. These reductions were necessary due to the currency situation in order to keep the annual charge for shareholders in the EU stable.

In euros the annual charge thus remains at EUR 311.67 and has decreased by EUR 2.28 (-0.7%) since 2015. 

The graph below shows the change in the annual charge over the last six years.

Development of the annual charges


Discounts on annual charges

  • If you have three or more active shares, you will receive discounts on your annual charges.

  • This brings down the annual costs per share. 

  • Three to four shares will earn a discount of 5%, five to six shares a discount of 10% and seven shares or more a discount of 15% on all annual charges.


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