HolidayCheck – Hapimag awarded!

18.01.2021 – In mid-January, 12 Hapimag resorts were awarded by the independent rating portal HolidayCheck.

At a glance:


  • 12 Hapimag resorts received an Award

  • Guest satisfaction exceeds previous year's level

  • Guest evaluations help Hapimag to develop further

Despite a challenging environment, a relaxed and safe holiday with Hapimag was possible in 2020. 12 Hapimag resorts can now celebrate a wonderful success. They are proud to receive a HolidayCheck Special Award 2021. This testifies to a high level of guest satisfaction. Among others, the Hapimag Resorts Interlaken (4th place) and Ascona (6th place), which are among the top 10 hotels in Switzerland, received an outstanding award. The Hapimag Resort Bodrum even received awards in five categories.  

HolidayCheck Special Awards 2021 winners:

Last year, the internally measured guest satisfaction was a pleasing 85.5% (previous year 84%). In addition to general guest satisfaction, this monitoring also collects feedback on offers and services. Last year, it was completed by around 14 000 guests. 

Many thanks

I am extremely pleased that we received such great guest feedback in 2020. Despite the Corona crisis, our guests were able to enjoy a relaxed and safe Hapimag holiday. I would like to thank all our guests for this great feedback and our employees for their excellent work!

Manuel Carrasco, Chief Hospitality Officer

About HolidayCheck Special Awards

For the 16th time in total, the HolidayCheck Award is presented to hotels that enjoy particular popularity among holidaymakers. However, the HolidayCheck Award is not immune to the Corona crisis and so some temporary changes have been made this year. To reflect the special nature of the situation, the "HolidayCheck Special Award" will be presented in 2021.

The hotels honored by HolidayCheck are the most popular hotels worldwide - based on around 420,000 vacationer reviews from 2020. Only the best 10 hotels in a region receive the HolidayCheck Special Award. Besides, at least 25 reviews and a recommendation rate of 90% are required.

More about the awards (in German)