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New: Hapimag trial membership

Recommend Hapimag to friends and family. Help your friends become part of the Hapimag community, and everyone will benefit from exciting premiums!

Make a recommendation – it’s well worth it!

Recommend to friends

Recruit your friends via the contact form or by recommending them Hapimag via the recommendation link.

Premium for the purchase of a trial membership

For every trial member you refer, you will receive either a credit of EUR 50.– or 20 residence points*. If the trial member subsequently decides to purchase shares, you will receive an additional credit of EUR 450.–.

Premium for the purchase of shares

For every new shareholder you refer, you will receive a credit equivalent to one annual subscription charge* (approx. EUR 312.–). If they purchase more than two shares, you will also receive a resort voucher worth EUR 100.– per share*.

Convince yourself with trial membership

– Interested members can try out Hapimag for up to 18 months without any obligation.

– 60 residence points per right of residence

– Conversion to shares or termination possible at any time

– Starting at CHF 495.– (EUR 442.–)

Generate recommendation link:

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Recommend via contact form

We will be happy to contact the person for a non-binding consultation.

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Please also observe our detailed privacy statements.

*Conditions for a successful recommendation
  • The premium will only be awarded upon expiry of the 14-day withdrawal period and payment of the purchase price.

  • Hapimag must have been informed of the recommendation before the contract is completed. Premiums cannot be credited retrospectively. A recommendation can only be made for non-members.  

  • The premium is only awarded if the person you recommend buys shares or a trial membership from Hapimag at the list price, e.g. first share for CHF 3630.–, second share for CHF 2630.–, third and each additional share for CHF 2330.–.

  • The Hapimag shareholder will receive a voucher for EUR 100.– per share purchased by the new shareholder (from the second share purchased). For example: if a friend buys two “Hapimag Classic” shares, the shareholder receives a voucher for EUR 200.–. If four or more shares are purchased, the shareholder receives a voucher for the fixed value of EUR 400.–. The voucher is redeemable for resort-specific services such as local charges, wellness or restaurants.

  • Prices: as at 1 August 2019. Subject to corrections and changes without notice.

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