Plan your holiday with more security

17.03.2021 – At the request of many shareholders, we will be introducing fixed prices for early bookers starting in spring 2021. This will give your holiday plans more security.

At a glance:


  • Fixed point prices now apply for early bookers

  • When booking up to six months before arrival

  • Point prices may then vary


With this optimisation, we guarantee the desired planning security and create incentives to better distribute demand in the resorts.

Manuel Carrasco, Chief Hospitality Officer

Why are we doing this?
The 6 months have been redefined in order to give our shareholders and new customers the planning security they desire. On the other hand, with a period of six months, we have the opportunity to react to demand and to market developments for an optimal distribution of the demand. This does not increase the total number of Hapimag residence points. 

How did this work before?
Until 2018, the debited points were fixed and were set for a long period of time. Here, too, a distinction was made between weeks and seasons. However, these fixed points presented Hapimag with the problem that it was unable to react to rapidly changing market developments. Therefore, for the first time in November 2018-October 2019 booking period, the points were mapped in a from/to range.

This is how it will work going forward:
If you book up to six months before your planned arrival, the point prices communicated in the new Booking Information will apply. After that, they can move up or down. Points in the A season can deviate +/- 10% from the average value, those in the B season +/- 20%, those in the C season +/- 30% and those in the D season +/- 40%. The detailed information for each resort can be found in the new Booking Information.

Fixed prices for Hapimag Resort FlimsFlims Fixpreise

Example: The point price from 23 December 2021 remains unchanged at 17 points until 6 months before arrival.

Price range for Hapimag Resort Flims
Flims Preisspanne

Example of setting the fixed prices

In the winter high season, slightly lower point prices apply for weekdays than for weekend days. If you only use the weekend, it costs a little more. If you stay the whole week, the total number of points debited is the same as before. And if someone only fills the gap in between, you benefit from slightly cheaper points.

Hapimag Resort Flims during high seasonflims fixpreise hochsaison

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