Multiple “points-free” weeks in a row

17.03.2021 – You can spend multiple points-free weeks on holiday at selected resorts. This should enable as many shareholders as possible to benefit.

At a glance:


  • Selected resorts will now be offering two to four points-free weeks at a time.

  • Overall, there are more points-free weeks available than before. 

  • This allows as many holidaymakers as possible to benefit from this.


Points-free weeks are very popular with the members of the Hapimag family. They also help us to further optimise the occupancy of the resorts.

Manuel Carrasco, Chief Hospitality Officer

For years, our shareholders and members have been benefiting from our popular points-free weeks. That means that every week of the year, points-free holidays were possible at a different resort. Starting in November 2021, members will even be able to spend multiple weeks at a time at selected resorts. This will be possible during periods when a lot of holiday apartments are available. This allows as many guests as possible to benefit. 

You can now see which weeks are being offered as points-free in the Booking Information on the corresponding resort pages. They are marked as “0P”. Further details on the points-free weeks can be found in the Booking Information on page 12

Where are there point-free weeks?

Points-free weeks at Hapimag Resort Dresden

The point-free weeks are each marked with "0P", here an example of the Hapimag Resort Dresden.

dresden punktefrei

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