Low-season points are turned into residence points

Up until now, Hapimag distinguishes between high season points and low season points in its points system. It is our aim to eliminate this distinction in the medium term. With "residence points" we create an unified points system. They correspond to the previous high season points and can be used in all seasons.

Low-season points will be gradually phased out over the next few years – Low-season points are turned into residence points. The points debited will still be linked to demand and the season. The points debited in the C and D seasons (low season) remain lower – in comparison to the A and B seasons (high season).

By making this adjustment, we are simplifying the points system and making the Hapimag business model more understandable for existing and new customers. We consulted with our shareholders and members beforehand and also received extensive feedback from our shareholder associations.

From 1 January 2020

For you, this means:

  • Do you own products with low-season points?
    Then nothing changes. You will continue to be credited with low-season points every year, which you can use in the C and D seasons (low season).
  • Do you own low-season points?
    Then nothing changes. Of course, all low-season points that you have in your account remain valid and can still be used in the C and D seasons.
  • For loyalty premiums, you will only be credited with residence points that you can use for your holidays all year round. This means that low-season points will no longer be credited.
  • The separate annual purchase rate of 300 residence points per share for online bookings for the C and D seasons no longer exists. However, you can benefit instead from the increased purchase rate, as long as you own at least one share.

Can low-season points be converted into residence points?

We will give you the opportunity to convert your low-season points into residence points. You can then use these for holidays all year round and not just in the C and D seasons. For every 2 low-season points, you will be credited in return with 1 residence point. You can decide how many of your low-season points you want to convert.

If you are interested, please contact us on our Service Line on 00800 3030 8080 or write us using the contact form.