What do I pay an annual charge for?

We all use Hapimag and say yes to the cooperative idea “Invest together – enjoy individually”. We can be proud of our unique community, where every member contributes. You can see here what your annual charge is used for.

  • Almost half of the annual charge is used for renovations and repairs at the 58 resorts

  • The annual charge is also used for personal service and administration

  • It is also used to cover the costs of taxes, duties and insurance as well as the national subsidiaries

  • In this way, Hapimag places great emphasis on sustainable and customer-focused management

What renovations are planned?

How will the annual charge be used?

Has the annual charge increased?

Discounts on annual charges

What renovations are planned? 

Planned renovations and repairs include:


Major projects over several years:

  • Hapimag Resort London is currently being completely renovated. Most of the work has been completed. Due to the Corona Pandemic, the reopening is delayed indefinitely.

  • Major investments are planned at the Hapimag Resorts Paguera and St. Michael. The start of the building work in each case will depend on when planning permission is granted. Due to the corona pandemic, renovations will probably be postponed by one year

Smaller projects: 


  • Refurbishment in Unterkirnach

  • Revamping of the apartments and implementation of the legally required accessibility in Antibes

  • Safety-related investments: Implementation of flood protection in Scerne di Pineto and fire protection measures in Vienna, replacement backup battery system in Binz

  • Restoration measures: Repair of façades and roofs in Edinburgh, repair of roofs in Binz

  • Planning of underground car park renovation in Winterberg and Marbella

Smaller investments and acquisitions:


  • New loungers for Tonda

  • Refurbishment of restaurant in Ascona

  • New mattresses in Dresden, Pentolina and Tonda

  • Maintenance work and capital expenditure for maintenance on technical installations (ventilation, heating and control systems)

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How will the annual charge for 2020 be used?

Annual charge usage

Depreciation (resort renovations): Expenditure for renovations and the infrastructure of the resorts.

Central Services: e.g. costs for IT and telecommunications, Finance and Controlling

Taxes, duties, insurance: Necessary duties, insurance and taxes related to the Hapimag resorts   

Member Services: Costs for member support, including the booking and points platform, the website or resort apps, and the Service Points

Resorts and country subsidiaries: Costs for the management of the resorts and the administration of the decentralised companies in the various countries

Has the annual charge increased?  

No, the annual charge has been stable for years. This is in spite of increasing prices, higher capital expenditure in our service and the resorts, and the strong Swiss franc. 

In Swiss francs, the annual charge in 2020 is at CHF 338.40 comparatively even significantly lower than the 372.60 in 2015. It is CHF 34.20 (-9.2%) lower than five years ago. These reductions were necessary due to the currency situation in order to keep the annual charge stable for shareholders in the EU area. 

In euros, the annual charges remains therefore at EUR 311.67 and has decreased by EUR 2.28 (-0.7%) since 2015.

The graph below shows the change in the annual premium you have paid over the last five years.

Has the annual charge increased?

Discounts on annual charges

If you have three or more active shares, you will receive discounts on your annual charges.

  • This brings down the annual costs per share. 

  • Three to four shares will earn a discount of 5%, five to six shares a discount of 10% and seven shares or more a discount of 15% on all annual charges.

Discounts on annual charges

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