Hapimag Marketplace

The new place for buyers and sellers of Hapimag shares.

At first glance


  • Digital meeting place for potential buyers and sellers of Hapimag shares

  • Attractive offers for shares with and without residential points

  • The traded selling prices are determined by the users themselves.

Why is the Hapimag Marketplace needed? 

Holiday behaviour and the living conditions of our society are constantly changing. The same applies to the needs of our shareholders and members. Some want more holidays, others no longer want to or are not able to travel with Hapimag as often. The Hapimag Marketplace is the answer to today's need for more flexibility and more transparency.

The Hapimag Marketplace offers the possibility of bringing together potential buyers and sellers of shares digitally. Sellers and buyers can then agree on the conditions individually. Shareholders and members themselves determine their individual selling price of a share. The purchase and sale of Hapimag shares will be much easier, more transparent and more flexible.

As Hapimag, we want to keep customer satisfaction high and further strengthen our community. With the new marketplace, we want to gradually increase the number of shareholders and members and have more active shares in circulation. Our goal is to make the marketplace available at a later date to those who are interested in Hapimag and would like to buy shares.  

An important milestone

With the marketplace, we are meeting a long-time customer need.

Hassan Kadbi, CEO

How does the marketplace work?

The marketplace works like a classifieds platform. If you want to buy a share, you will find corresponding offers. If you want to sell a share, you can advertise an offer. As a seller, you are free to decide whether you want to sell your shares with or without residential points. The Points Platform is still available for the exclusive purchase or sale of residential points. You can find more information about the marketplace in the FAQ and terms of use.

How to sell shares?

Do you no longer travel as often as you used to or would like to adjust your number of shares to your current needs?
At the marketplace you can advertise your share for sale, also independent of the minimum contract period of your current products.

How to buy shares?

In the marketplace you will find offers from other shareholders who want to sell their share. A big advantage - buyers always take over the share at the most up-to-date general terms and information (GTC). The minimum 3-year term gives the Hapimag share even more flexibility.

Our Strategy

As part of its corporate strategy, Hapimag wants to make its business model simpler and more flexible. The Hapimag Marketplace is an important milestone in achieving this goal.