Booking process has been improved

Improved booking process

More free apartments in the high season – Relaxed conditions for changes and cancellations  - Possibility to book holidays up to 18 months in advance

No more booking period openings or early booking options

  • No more booking period openings since April 2018.
  • You can now book your holiday up to 18 months in advance – but you don’t have to!
  • As soon as the new Booking Information is available for download on the Hapimag website, bookings for the new period are possible (e.g. once the Booking Information is made available in March 2022, bookings can be made for the travel period from November 2022 to October 2023).
  • Book now until the end of October 2023 (last possible departure 31 October 2023)

Our initial experience has shown that this has significantly improved the booking situation for the vast majority of our shareholders and members. Overall, less accommodation was blocked than in the past. 

Some background information: booking period openings were abolished upon the request of several Hapimag shareholders and members. Opening individual booking periods on fixed dates had become outdated. When booking periods were opened previously, large volumes of booking volumes were released, which led to too many requests at once. At the same time, most Hapimag shareholders and members wanted more flexibility when sending queries.

We will now be able to provide this flexibility with a longer booking period. This will spread queries over a longer period of time, ensuring that the capacity of our system and administration is not overstretched.

Waiting list and reservations

  • Provided you have enough residence points available, you can book an apartment at any time.
  • Provisional bookings have no longer been possible since March 2018. Accommodation should generally only be able to be reserved if it is actually going to be used. 
  • If your desired apartment is not yet available for your preferred travel period, you can put your name on a waiting list in the “myHapimag” Booking Portal.
  • A maximum of three waiting list entries are possible per shareholder or member at the same time.
  • As soon as the desired apartment becomes available, we will contact you via your e-mail address. If you have not entered an e-mail address in your personal information, we will contact you by telephone. You will then have the option of confirming your booking within one working day. 

Booking Information

Improved cancellation and rebooking conditions 

Following an evaluation phase, we revised and relaxed the cancellation and rebooking conditions in March 2019.

Here are the most important changes:  

  • Bookings can be cancelled within seven days at no charge, instead of within three days.

  • There is no longer a handling charge (except for special offers).

  • The number of points you lose in the event of rebooking and cancellations has been considerably reduced.

  • See our help section for further details.

New “MyHapimag” Booking Portal

The “MyHapimag” Booking Portal offers a new online experience. The portal features new functions – with more being added continuously. Have fun booking your holiday!

We are here for you

We will be happy to help you and advise you individually. You can reach us under:

Telephone: 00800 3030 8080*, alternatively +41 58 733 70 10 or by e-mail to [email protected]

*Roaming charges may apply