Good news to be happy

As a shareholder and member, you receive numerous benefits.

Resorts with new highspeed-WiFi

Here you can see in which resorts a new WiFi has already been installed.

Resorts with e-charging stations

Here you can see in which resorts an e-charging station has already been installed.

Improved booking process

More free apartments in the high season – Relaxed conditions for changes and cancellations  - Possibility to book holidays up to 18 months in advance

Discounts on annual subscription charges

Accumulate more than three shares and you’ll receive discounts on your annual subscription charges. And you can see here what your annual charge is used for.

Loyalty programme

The Hapimag Loyalty Program beneftis shareholders and members who
generate turnovers in the resorts.

Buy and sell residence points

The new Points Platform replaces the old Points Kiosk. Buying and selling points with the new Points Platform has never been easier.

Points-free holidays

Enjoy a points-free holiday at selected resorts.

Discounted long-stay holidays

Good Neews – In the B, C and D seasons, every fourth week of a long-stay holiday is on us!

Increased purchase rate

You may buy up to 120 additional residence points per active share annually.

Special offers

More holiday enjoyment? No special offer to be missed? Here you will find the current special offers.

Hapimag thrives on your recommendation

Help us to expand the Hapimag Community. Recommend Hapimag and secure attractive premiums. Good news to be happy!