Transferring your Hapimag shares

You have happy memories of many wonderful holiday moments with your loved ones and have been able to benefit from the advantages of your Hapimag shares, but now you are no longer able or no longer want to travel?

Since Hapimag was founded in 1963, many shareholders have spent their best holiday moments with family and friends at Hapimag resorts. Today, our community numbers just under 125,000 shareholders and members and has grown over generations. We are a family product that is designed for the long term and with sustainability in mind, and we want to ensure that the younger generation benefits from the investments already made. That's why we would like to help to transfer Hapimag shares when our shareholders can no longer or no longer wish to travel.

You like to travel but cannot do so regularly with Hapimag, meaning that you have some residence points expiring every year?

Your options:

  • You can let friends and acquaintances use your points for holidays.
  • You can put every residence point that you do not want to use, up for sale on the Points Platform. You can create advertisements in the Booking Portal. Upon request, we are happy to create the advertisements for you – all you need to do is fill in the corresponding form with the necessary details. This form is available in the Booking Portal or you can order it by phone.
  • You can transfer some of your shares to your children, other relatives or a friend outside of your family and keep the rest of your shares.

Are you unable to use your right of residence or pay the annual charge due to illness or unforeseen events?

Your options:

  • You can continue to pay the annual charge, but sell your residence points via the Points Platform and receive the earnings from their sale.
  • You can book holidays for friends or relatives and have them pay you for the value of the points used.
  • You can take a “time-out” for a fee of CHF 90.– per share and year. During the “time-out”, you will not have to pay an annual charge and no points will be allocated. You can have your shares suspended for a maximum of two years. Please contact us for individual advice, because depending on your product, there is the possibility of a right of residence termination in the form of a decommissioning.

Would you like to provide for an inheritance and pass on your shares?

Your options:

  • You can transfer your shares or sell them. If you transfer your shares to relatives, the transfer will not be subject to a fee. If you transfer your shares to someone not related to you, each order is subject to a fee of CHF 120.–. We recommend that you transfer all of your points to the new owner and then book further trips via this account.
  • If you own a share-based right-of-residence product, we recommend that you accept the General Terms and Conditions of the Hapimag Classic shares or convert the products accordingly. This provides the advantage that you or your heirs may terminate the holiday right contained in your holiday contract after three years or more, should you no longer wish to use it.

Have Hapimag shares been transferred to you as part of an inheritance and you are not sure what to do with them?

Your options:

  • Use the shares to spend Hapimag holidays and test out our resorts in case you are not familiar with them yet. The shares give you and your family exclusive access to a diverse holiday world with 56 resorts, where you will find high-quality and fully equipped holiday apartments. With Hapimag, you can take advantage of personal service before, during and after your holiday, so that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday.
  • If you currently prefer different types of travel, but you can imagine spending holidays with your family at Hapimag resorts in a few years' time, it's worth to keep the shares. This is because the initial investment for the purchase of the shares has already been made and it would have to be made again should you wish to repurchase the shares. In the meantime, you can sell your points via the Points Platform or let friends and relatives travel in your place.
  • If you are unable to or do not wish to book Hapimag holidays, you may always transfer or sell your shares to relatives or someone outside of your family. In this case, please be careful with promises made by salespeople and always contact us directly. In any case, we recommend a one-on-one consultation, so that we can answer your questions in detail and discuss the individual options.

Returning your shares?

Generally, a stock company is not obliged to repurchase issued shares. Here at Hapimag however, we feel obliged to offer our shareholders an exit option should they no longer be able to use our product. Our employees assess each case individually in accordance with the applicable General Terms and Conditions. In the interests of the Hapimag Community, we buy back shares based on the number of new shares sold. In addition to alternative options, shareholders have the possibility of being placed on the buy-back waiting list. We would be happy to provide you with advice.


We will be happy to help you and advise you individually. You can reach us under:

Telephone: 00800 3030 8080*, alternatively +41 (58) 7 33 70 10

by e-mail to [email protected] or via our contact form.

*Roaming charges may apply