What is new at www.hapimag.com?

Everything is just a click away – the new website is online. You can read here about the new features and then try them out. Have fun!

New resort pages


  • The structured design provides you with a quick overview of all relevant information.
  • There are images of the different holiday apartments as well as detailed information about the resort’s infrastructure, the facilities in the holiday apartment and also about other services, such as the catering options. This information is now organised on separate tabs within the page. 
  • You can also now access the travel and experience offers available at the resorts. In the app, these are still shown under activities and recommendations. You will find these on the tab headed “In the vicinity” as well as lower down under “Travel & Experiences”
  • ​​​​​​​All the trips and experiences that you are familiar with from our old website are also displayed directly at the bottom of the page for the particular resort.

New navigation

    • Whatever it is you are looking for, the intuitive navigation will allow you to find the information you want quickly and easily. → to the homepage
    • In the bottom section of the website, you will find further information about Hapimag, as well as the Booking Information.


    • In MyHapimag, you can directly access the new Booking Portal. Of course, you can also continue to access the old Booking Portal. → to MyHapimag
    • The new booking portal is fresher and more modern. The new technology allows us to implement new services for our shareholders and members faster and easier.
    • The new booking portal "MyHapimag" is now available in all languages.
    • The new loyalty bonuses will only be displayed in the new booking portal and more useful features will follow
    • The search results now appear with pictures and simplify the selection of the resort and apartment
    • You only need to log in once to access either the Booking Portal or the CEO Blog, for example. You will remain logged in.

New design of the CEO Blog

    • New software makes it easier to navigate the content in the CEO Blog. It is easier to use and has a more contemporary layout. → to the CEO Blog