FAQs – Frequently asked questions

The help section answers all frequently asked questions about Hapimag. 

  • Can I book a holiday at a Hapimag resort as a non-member?

    Yes. Our introductory offers allow you to get an initial taste of Hapimag at selected resorts for a special price. As a shareholder and member, you can enjoy the entire holiday world of Hapimag, comprising all 60 of its resorts.

  • What are the advantages of Hapimag compared with hotels, other timeshare or holiday apartment providers, or a privately owned holiday apartment?

    Hapimag stands for over 50 years of experience and reliable Swiss quality. The resorts have well-equipped holiday apartments of a high standard and are in top locations. In each resort, you will find an infrastructure and services as in a hotel. You can enjoy familiar surroundings, but are not tied to one location. You can choose a new holiday destination each time from around 60 resorts in the mountains, at the seaside and in great cities. Not least, the joint use of the resorts is a sustainable system and prevents "cold beds".

  • How do I become a Hapimag member?

    Hapimag classic gives you instant access to the entire holiday world of Hapimag. You can obtain residence points and use them for your holidays however you like.

  • What advantages do I have as a member?

    Hapimag Classic grants you exclusive access to all Hapimag resorts. With your residence points you can discover the holiday world of Hapimag wherever and whenever you like. All of your purchases at Hapimag, such as the administrative fee, local charges or money spent in restaurants, are converted into loyalty premiums and credited to your account.

  • Can I try out Hapimag before becoming a member?

    Yes. Use our trial membership to enjoy your next vacation on attractive terms. Starting at just CHF 495.- you can test Hapimag for up to 18 months and enjoy unique holiday moments.

  • How long is a Hapimag share valid for?

    Hapimag shares have no expiry date. Hapimag shares can be passed on to children and grand-children without a problem. Once acquired, the shares guarantee you rights of residence for generations to come.

  • Can I book a holiday with Hapimag immediately after purchasing shares?

    Yes. Once the purchase contract has been signed and the initial payment has been received, you can book your first holiday with Hapimag.

  • Why do I pay the annual charge?

    The money is mostly required for the upkeep and infrastructure of the resorts, as well as to cover the costs of administration, incl. the Member Services Center. Here, Hapimag's main priority is economical and user-oriented management.

  • Does the annual charge remain unchanged?

    No significant rise in costs is anticipated. However, the rate of inflation, wage developments due to legal requirements and renovation costs may lead to Hapimag having to recalculate and, if necessary, adjust the annual charge for the following year.

  • How much does Hapimag Classic cost?

    You pay CHF 3630 for the first Hapimag Classic share and CHF 2630 for the second. Each additional share costs you only CHF 2330. You also pay an annual contribution per share, for which you will each receive 60 residential points. For your holiday you only pay the local costs for electricity, cleaning and service.

  • What rights do I have as a Hapimag shareholder?

    You have the right of residence in around 60 Hapimag Resorts with over 5,000 holiday apartments and can go on holiday there for generations, as often as you wish. You can also give away your right of residence or pass on points to other Hapimag shareholders and members. You have the right to vote and to be elected at the Hapimag General Meeting and help shape the future of Hapimag.

  • What are your obligations as a Hapimag shareholder?

    The contractually agreed annual charge must be paid.

  • What are the options for transferring my Hapimag shares?

    You have happy memories of many wonderful holiday moments with your loved ones and have been able to benefit from the advantages of your Hapimag shares, but now you are no longer able or no longer want to travel. If you want to find out how to transfer your shares and thus allow the next generation to enjoy some great holiday moments, here you will find all the information you need.

  • What are high- and low-season points?

    Low-season points can be used for bookings in the low season. High-season points can be used at any time (see points table in the Booking Information).

  • When will my points credit note be issued for the next year?

    At the contractually agreed time.

  • Where can I view my points account?

    In the "Points account" under "My account" in the Booking Portal.

  • How long are my residence points valid?

    5 years, including the year of credit.

  • Is validity extended in event of a points transfer?

    No. The year of expiry of the points to be transferred applies.

  • Can I also get my residence points in advance?

    Yes, you may use advance points. The respective General Terms and Conditions apply. For example, for each share, 60 residence points due for distribution in the following year may be taken early. The need to advance points depends on the reservation date and not the travel date.

  • Can I make a booking if I don’t have enough residence points in my account?

    No, having enough residence points in your account is a prerequisite for placing bookings. You do, however, have the option of obtaining advance points (e.g. 60 points per share) or purchasing additional residence points in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. You can also benefit from advantageous conditions when purchasing an additional Hapimag Classic share. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to buy residence points from other shareholders and members via the Points Kiosk.

  • I would like to know how many points will be debited so that I can make my plans. What does “flexible points prices” mean?

    The current points prices can be viewed in the Booking Portal when selecting free apartments during the booking process and before actually booking the apartment. The points debited can currently also be seen on the beta version of the new Hapimag website when choosing the resort and stay as well as of course being available on request by telephone.

    To facilitate planning, you can find the various points prices in the Booking Information (the booking period from November 2018 to October 2019). Deviations from the average price can be between +/-10 % in season A and between -25 % and +20 % in season B. In seasons C and D, the points debited may be reduced by 50 % or increased by a maximum of two points per night.

    The points prices for the resorts are connected to demand from shareholders and members. This means: if a resort is more popular in a particular season and at a particular time, the number of points debited is higher than in periods with lower demand. Point reductions are possible, for example, if the booking situation does not meet expectations. On the other hand, there may be an increase in points if, for example, an extraordinary event takes place in a resort or in the immediate vicinity and booking demand is unusually high.

    This is in line with Hapimag’s business policy of avoiding increasing the points on offer for existing Hapimag resorts, apart from where investments increase in value.

  • Can I buy or transfer additional residence points from other shareholders or members?

    If required, you can buy residence points from other shareholders and members in points platform.

  • Why is it not possible to buy unlimited additional residence points?

    Shareholders and members who invest more into the holiday world of Hapimag should be entitled to use more accommodation. They have made a corresponding financial contribution and pay for wear and tear of the apartments in the form of annual charges. For that reason, those who invest less in their holiday are afforded more limited rights of residence for the points credited to their accounts each year. For this reason, the maximum additional purchase per year is limited to 60 residence points per active product.

  • How do I collect loyalty premiums?

    Per every CHF 250.- you spend at the resorts, you will receive one high-season point or two low-season points. In your personal settings in the Booking Portal, you can specify whether you want to receive loyalty premiums in the form of high-season points or low-season points. The credit to your account is made on a monthly basis. The remaining balance as well cancellations are transferred to the next period and will be considered with your next vacation.

    Shareholders who hold four or more shares subject to annual charge receive higher loyalty premiums. With four to six shares two high-season points or 4 low-season points, as of seven share either three high-season points or six low-season points are credited per turnover of CHF 250.

  • How long are residence points from the loyalty program valid?

    Like residents points from shares, residents points generated from loyalty premiums are valid for 5 years. With a period of grace, depending on which month the points are credited, an additional 4 to 15 months may be added. For example residents points credited in February 2019 will be valid until 30 April 2025.

  • Can I take out points insurance also after making a booking?

    The insurance is valid only if it is taken out within 15 days of the issue date of the definitive booking confirmation. 
    Insurance cover begins when the policy is taken out and ends when the insured rental term expires.

  • May I convert my loyalty premiums also in low season points?

    In your personalcustomer area you have the choice to convert your loyalty premiums into residence points, which are only usable in low season (10 loyalty premiums = 6 low season points instead of 3 high season points). You can make the setting in your personal customer area or by contacting our Service Line 00800 3030 8080 (alternatively +41 (58) 7 33 70 10).

  • Where can I find an overview of the apartment I have booked?

    In the Booking Portal, select "Apartment booking overview" in the "My account" menu. Click on the booking number and you will see the detailed information for your booking.

  • How long in advance of the arrival may I book?

    As soon as the new Booking Information is available online, the new published period from November to October the following year is bookable. The exact date is being published on the Hapimag website in the beginning of March. Meaning that you will have the possibility to book between 8 months (until November) up to 19 months (until October) in advance.

  • How do I cancel a booking?

    Select "Apartment booking overview" under "My account" in the Booking Portal. Click on the respective booking number and select "Cancellation".

  • Can I make changes to a booking myself online?

    No. Please contact the Service Line or send us an e-mail.

  • When will the Booking information be published each season?

    They will be published on the Hapimag website over the course of the month of March and sent out to Hapimag shareholders and members.

  • Why do the new cancellation conditions differ depending on season?

    In high season (Seasons A and B), cancelled apartments are far more likely to be rented out to someone else than in low season. Since the cancelled apartments are mostly passed on via the waiting list, apartments in lesser frequented resorts are likely to remain available after several booking changes. Furthermore, there is a significantly heavier workload during high season than in low season.

  • I would like to know how many points will be debited so that I can make my plans. From when onwards will the points prices be definitive?

    The current points prices are continuously updated on the Hapimag website at www.hapimag.com. Alternatively, once you have chosen your holiday apartment, you are more than welcome to enquire by telephone.

    To facilitate planning, you can find potential points debited in the Booking Information (November 2018 to October 2019 booking period). Deviations from the average price can be between +/-10% in season A and between -25% and +20% in season B. In seasons C and D, the points debited may be reduced by 50% or increased by a maximum of two points per night. You can find detailed examples on pages six and seven of the Booking Information.

  • Why is it that bookings can now only be made if I have enough points in my account?

    Hapimag uses residence points as a currency. Having enough points in your account is meant to be a prerequisite for placing bookings. For other companies and on the travel market on the whole, it is common practice for stays to be paid for at the time of booking.

  • How will the loss of points be calculated in the event of cancellation when the points price is variable?

    The number of points debited when you make the booking is identical to the number of points debited at the end of the holiday. The points price at the time of booking is used to calculate the loss of points in the event of cancellation.

  • May I make a provisional booking?

    No, that is not possible. But you may cancel your booking during the three workdays after having placed your booking without forfeiting any residence points or incurring any other costs.

  • What happens if I cancel a booking?

    In the A and B seasons:

    • Cancellations up to 7 days after booking and up to 181 days before arrival are free of charge
    • For later cancellations, shareholders or members are obliged to pay costs as outlined below:
      • 180 to 31 days before arrival: 25 % loss of points
      • 30 to 8 days before arrival: 50 % loss of points
      • from 7 days before arrival: 100 % loss of points
    • Bookings at short notice (from 14 days before arrival) may, except on the booking day itself, be cancelled, subject to a charge

    In the C and D seasons:

    • Cancellations up to 8 days before arrival are free of charge
    • For later cancellations, shareholders or members are obliged to pay costs as outlined below:
      • from 7 days before arrival, except on the booking day itself: 50 % loss of points

    For points-free weeks and other points-free

    • Cancellations up to 7 days after booking and up to 181 days before arrival are free of charge
    • For later cancellations, shareholders or members are obliged to pay costs as outlined below:
      • from 180 days before arrival: a handling charge of CHF 100.–
    • Bookings at short notice (from 14 days before arrival) may, except on the booking day itself, be cancelled, subject to a charge

    In case of multiple cancellations, Hapimag
    reserves the right to impose a handling charge
    of CHF 100.- per cancellation.

    The time of cancellation is the date the notice of cancellation is received by Hapimag. If points are credited again, these points will be of the same type and will have the same year of expiry as the points debited when the booking was made, but in reverse order (Clause 2.3). The premium for the points insurance or cancellation insurance is retained in the event of a cancellation, irrespective of when the booking was made.

    If members do not arrive (no-show) at the resort or at the houseboat base on the day the stay begins without prior notification, the reservation is cancelled. In addition to a loss of points of 100 %, the member must also pay 50 % of the local charges for the reserved holiday apartment as specified in the local charges table for the resort and 100 % of the flat-rate costs.

  • What costs will I have to expect for a booking change?

    For a booking change to another apartment type (and/or another category) within the same resort for the same duration of stay will remain free of charge and no loss of points will be incurred.

    In the event of a booking change from one resort to another with the same arrival date and same length of stay, there will be a loss of points and a flat-rate compensation according to the cancellation conditions.

    If you shorten or postpone your length of stay within the same resort, there might be a possible loss of points but no flat-rate compensation charge.

    In the event of a booking change to a different date, there will be a loss of points and a flat-rate compensation charge according to the cancellation conditions.

  • Can I make a booking if my money account has not been cleared?

    If your money account is showing an outstanding amount of CHF 100 or more for which the due date has passed, no booking will be possible (booking stop). Previously placed bookings may be cancelled by Hapimag if payments for which reminders have been issued are not made on time.

  • If I can’t find a suitable apartment at my preferred resort, can I go on a waiting list?

    You can be entered onto a waiting list for resorts which are fully booked (entries are limited per resort). Waiting list entries are limited to a maximum of three per shareholder and member at any one time. To create a waiting list entry, your e-mail address must be registered.

    We will contact you by e-mail and you will then have until the end of the following working day to confirm your booking

  • How do I request my password?

    Select "Request/Forgotten password" in the Booking Portal or "Login" and "Request/Forgotten password" at the top right at www.hapimag.com. The first requested password will be delivered by post. Delivery usually takes from approx. 3 to 4 working days. For each further request, the password will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you. Change the password received within 24 hours after initial login. Otherwise a new password must be requested.

  • How can I change my password?

    Select "Change password" under "My account" in the Booking Portal. Enter your password under "Current password". Under "New password" you can specify a new password. Please pay attention to upper and lower case letters and character spaces. Confirm your new password by again entering it in the "Confirm password" box. The old password immediately becomes invalid.

  • Do any rules apply to the password?

    At least 8 characters long, at least one number, upper and lower case letters. Valid characters are numbers 0 to 9 and letters from A to Z and a to z. Special symbols and character spaces are not permitted.

  • What about insurance?

    Claims can also be sent to us electronically. Please scan your documents and send them by e-mail to [email protected].
    You will find useful claim forms on our website www.erv.ch/schaden .
    Tip: the more detailed your description and documentation of the incident, the more quickly we will be able to process your case.

    ERV – Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG
    St. Alban-Anlage 56 / Postfach
    CH – 4003 Basel
    Telefon +41 (58) 2 75 27 27
    Fax + 41 (58) 2 75 27 30
    Email [email protected] / www.erv.ch

  • Where can I find more information on your data protection policy?

    We value the protection of your personal data very highly. You can find our general Privacy Statement for the use of the Hapimag website, password-protected Booking Portal and mobile Hapimag app here.

Do you have further questions?

Should you not be able to find the answer to your question, please contact our customer service online via the Booking Portal at my.hapimag.com, by calling our Service Line on 00800 3030 8080 (or alternatively  +41 (58) 7 33 70 10) or by email, writing to [email protected].