Profile E

The extended basic education includes two foreign languages which are English and French in the canton of Zug. Further subjects are economics and society, ICA (information technology, communication and administration), German and sport. In order to acquire these varied subjects, you will visit the commercial training centre in Zug (KBZ) 2 days a week in the first year and 1 day a week in the last year.

Profile M

In this profile, the apprentices complete the vocational baccalaureate (Berufsmatura) part-time, which in addition to the subjects in the e-profile also includes a qualification procedure (QV) in history and mathematics. In the M-Profile you can expect a challenging subject matter, which is why you attend school in Zug all three years for 2 days a week. To make you feel well prepared for the foreign language QV, the Canton of Zug offers you a language stay in England or France.