About us


We are proud of the work we do, of our employees and the company’s tradition. We believe in the fundamental concept behind Hapimag and feel that it reflects the modern zeitgeist more than ever.

About us


We believe that economic success and sustainability go hand in hand. As we try to make the world a better place, we run Hapimag with our hearts, not just our heads.

About us


We believe that like-minded people are prepared to share more than just experiences. We want to maximise the potential of our community by encouraging and enabling all community members to participate beyond just going on holiday.

About us


We know that trust is what holds our community together. In order to maintain and strengthen our relationship with our customers, we always seek to have an open and honest dialogue with them.

About us

Innovative spirit

The innovative business model at Hapimag makes it a pioneer in our industry. For this reason, we are always looking for opportunities to improve the Hapimag experience from our customers’ point of view and to offer them the best possible service.

Our vision

Sharing lies at the heart of our community. For more than 55 years, our community has been promoting the idea of sharing and caring: together, we make it possible to have a choice of holiday resorts which we use individually and sustainably.

Our strategic goals

Shareholder and member satisfaction as well as the financial stability of Hapimag are at the core of our long-term, sustainable corporate strategy. To achieve this, we focus on the following strategic priorities:

Social and environmental sustainability

By maintaining maximum occupancy of the holiday apartments, we ensure the sustainability of our resorts and safeguard jobs in the region, also on a seasonal basis. By incorporating local culinary establishments and private businesses from the local area, we support vibrant social communities. Continuous investment in the construction of new resorts and regular renovations maintain and increase the value of our diverse portfolio.

Economic sustainability

Our product is built around sustainability and continuity. The longer people spend on holiday with Hapimag, the more everyone benefits. Families often stay with Hapimag over generations. We encourage families to pass on shares from generation to generation.


We maintain regular, transparent and open communication with existing and potential shareholders and members. In this respect, we mainly use online channels to reach the widest possible audience.

Service quality

Offering existing shareholders and members with the best possible service – both in person while they are on holiday and as part of the expert advice given by employees before and after the holiday with respect to our full product range and potential offers.

Cost optimisation

We review and improve all processes, structures and technologies to reduce complexity and to lower costs.

Corporate culture

We give our employees more decision-making powers to foster a motivating corporate culture.


We increase our service quality and aim to raise the occupancy of the resorts. By 2022, the Hapimag resorts will generate 3 million overnight stays per year for the long term.