CEO Blog 05.11.2020

How are you?

A simple question in a difficult time. I want to find out what’s on your mind. What’s important for Hapimag now? What are your thoughts on your next holiday?

How I wish I could have once again used this blog post to encourage you to book a holiday, enjoy some time off, support our community and to make the most of the coming winter and spring. But we have to face the fact that a climate of uncertainty has returned. The second wave of Covid-19 is affecting us socially and economically. Very few people are thinking about their holidays right now, although they certainly long for them while acknowledging the reality of the situation. We believe that holidays make people happy. And I hope that we will soon be able to make many people happy again – and that the situation will improve for the winter and spring season.

In the last CEO Blog at the end of August, I described how Hapimag is doing and how we are dealing with the situation. In this post, I’ve updated a few points and added some new ones to give you an idea of what has changed. We will only be able to make a comprehensive review when the year is over. I will, of course, provide this as soon as possible as part of the CEO Blog.  

The daily dialogue with our shareholders and members – from personal conversations, in the blog or via e-mail – gives me the opportunity to assess the mood in our community. Our decisions are guided by the concerns of our family. So I would like to include the needs of our community here as well. I want to find out how you are doing, what you are thinking about and how you are dealing with this situation. And of course, whether you feel like travelling at all and when. We’re here for you, and we’re opening as many resorts as possible for you. 

You will also receive a newsletter in the coming days with a survey asking how your holiday needs have changed for you personally due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What does Hapimag do for you? 

  • Our resorts offer a safe environment, comfort and plenty of privacy – exactly what holidaymakers need in these uncertain times.

  • You can change or cancel any booking free of charge up to eight days before arrival – the last arrival date being the end of April 2021. 

  • We bring groceries to your apartment directly from our resort shops. Guests can also order take-away or room service from our restaurants. 

  • Residence points that would have expired in April 2020 have been extended until the end of November 2020.

 How can you support Hapimag? 

  • We should all spend as many of our holidays as possible in our resorts and encourage others to do the same. This is how we can best support Hapimag. 

  • Recommend Hapimag

  • You can also make sure to pay the next invoice for annual changes on time.

Facts and figures – preliminary results

  • Our aim is to offer as many holiday apartments as possible during the coronavirus crisis.

  • According to our survey, 87% of our guests feel safe and comfortable.

  • From January to October 2020, we recorded a 48 % overall decline in overnight stays. 

  • Sales in the same period were down 47% compared to the previous year.

  • The result for 2020 will clearly be negative. But thanks to consistent cost savings, we will be able to reduce the loss. 

  • We are able to ensure liquidity thanks to the cost savings we have made and the halt to our major investments.

  • It’s still very difficult to make forecasts for next year. We are therefore focusing heavily on costs, and we will have to keep our structures even leaner.

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