CEO Blog 13.11.2019

The new Points Platform gets off to a great start

In mid-July we launched our new online Points Platform aimed at making it easier to buy and sell Hapimag residence points. The early response after the initial phase is good: we see that brisk use is being made of the platform. I would like to say a big thank you to all of our users – especially for your valuable feedback, which we have been able to use as a basis for improvements.

I’m particularly pleased by the very positive reception for the new Points Platform among shareholders and members. The first figures reveal that, during the initial phase, buyers were successfully found in considerably more cases than with the old Points Kiosk. This brings us closer to our stated aim of increasing the use of points.

Average sales per day


Our shareholders and members have sold more than 400,000 points since the platform was rolled out on 15 July. This means that on average nearly twice as many points were sold as in the same period the previous year. 

21% of these points sold were used directly for a booking, i.e. during the booking process, while the remaining 79% were bought for stock up.


Use of points bought

First improvements implemented

After the platform went live, many users missed having the option to buy up points with not long to run, known as “expiry points”, for stock up. In the old Points Kiosk, these points were often sold more cheaply than those with longer validity periods. 

In response to the needs of our users, we have worked intensively on this digital product in recent weeks and have now added this function to the new Points Platform. 

Our aim was – and still is – to reduce the overall number of expiry points. Hapimag residence points should be used for holidays and are not intended for collection and resale. For this reason, it is also no longer possible to resell purchased points. They are marked accordingly once they have changed hands.

Hapimag earns no money from the Points Platform

Two misunderstandings came to my attention during the first round of feedback to the CEO Blog. I would like to take this opportunity to go into these particular issues once again. First, the points price on the platform is determined by our shareholders and members themselves. At no point in the process does Hapimag have any way of influencing it. The system is programmed in such a way as to automatically show buyers the best available offer with the required validity. 

Second, Hapimag earns no money from the Points Platform and is not a party to the contracts. We provide the brokering, points transfer and payment collection (“services”) to users free of charge. We continue to leave the buying and selling to our shareholders and members. Moreover, Hapimag itself no longer sells points with the aim of encouraging transaction activity between shareholders and members on the platform.

We address your needs

Everyone helps towards making Hapimag better – no matter whether this takes the form of comments during a face-to-face conversation in a resort or feedback here in comments on our CEO Blog. I very much appreciate this, as it enables us to directly address the needs of our community. 

We will continue to collect and evaluate your suggestions for improvements to our Points Platform. We count on your feedback. We always learn from it and are glad about the engagement of our community. For me, it is very important that we continue in this vein and strengthen even further the trust that our shareholders and members place in us. 

I would appreciate your opinion and look forward to receiving your input.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hassan Kadbi

Information about the new Points Platform

The Points Platform replaces the old Points Kiosk. We have notified you about this in the Hapimag News and in the “MyHapimag” Booking Portal.

  • Sell points

  • Purchase points during booking

  • Purchase points for stock up

I would like to find out more about this 

I would like to try out the new Points Platform

  • Buyers and sellers can buy and sell points more easily. Points are credited or debited immediately. 

  • The Points Platform is more up to date and enables hassle-free processing. There is no longer a need for direct contact between the buyer and seller.

  • The new Points Platform is aimed at encouraging people to use points to make specific bookings, and as such for their own personal needs.

  • As a buyer, you can purchase points during the booking process.

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