CEO Blog 30.04.2020

Coronavirus Crisis – Book your holiday with Hapimag

We all need to continue to stand together and support Hapimag. I am grateful that we count on you. A crisis always offers opportunities and generates new ideas. Let’s make the most of them!

I hope that you have come through the past few weeks in good health and that none of your family or friends have been affected by the coronavirus. 

First of all, I would like to say a big “thank you”. Thank you for the solidarity that we have experienced over the past weeks as well as for the special bond and support that we have been able to count on. We are all sticking together, like one big family. Thanks also to our employees. They are doing extraordinary work during this time, even though the coronavirus crisis is making huge demands on them.

I am being honest with you when I say that we will continue to need your help to support Hapimag. This is an unprecedented crisis for the entire travel and tourism industry. The coronavirus pandemic has presented Hapimag with the greatest challenge in its history. It is an extraordinary time and is preoccupying us all in both our professional and private lives. 

We have been forced to close almost all of our resorts, either by order of the authorities or simply because no more guests were expected. As a result, we have also lost most of our sales income. This is a serious situation.

How will we overcome this crisis?   

We have a clear vision of how we will get Hapimag through this crisis. In our baseline scenario, we are assuming that we will lose a significant portion of our sales revenue in 2020. 

Certain financial countermeasures, such as short-time working, a recruitment freeze and a general cost freeze, will enable us to make up a substantial part of this loss in sales. We have also put all investments that are not related to health or safety on hold in order to safeguard liquidity. 

These are drastic but necessary measures. They will ensure that Hapimag survives this crisis with as little damage as possible. And if the scenario changes, we will realign our plans and take the appropriate countermeasures once again. 

The coronavirus pandemic and the specific regional restrictions are affecting each Hapimag resort in a different way. This is why appropriate communication is also very important. We are keeping our shareholders and members informed and up-to-date through our “Hapimag News” newsletter. 

In addition to this, the website was launched to provide up to date information about Hapimag resorts. 

We are launching a solidarity campaign 

In addition to the necessary financial measures described above, as the Hapimag community we also want to do something good for society. In line with our vision of “more happy people for a better world”, we are launching a solidarity campaign to help make our world a better place. 

This solidarity campaign is about us as a Hapimag community rewarding people who selflessly stand up for others during these difficult times. We will all join together to give these people a well-deserved holiday. Our shareholders and members can voluntarily donate points and Hapimag will pay the local charges. We think that this will be a really nice gesture. Further details will be provided shortly via the newsletter. 

What’s next? 

Many shareholders and members are currently wondering when they will be able to spend their holidays at our Hapimag resorts again. 

  • In the next few days we will list on this website, which resorts can resume its operations soon. This website is updated regularly. 

  • In the coming weeks and months, individual countries will gradually relax, or may have already relaxed, the restrictions for their own population. 

  • This means that having a holiday in your own country will be your first option, giving you the opportunity to support your home economy again.

  • Restrictions are likely to remain in place for air travel and continental travel for some time to come. How long for is still uncertain. 

We are delighted to see that many shareholders and members are already booking holidays again for next winter or next spring. We thank you for this from the bottom of our hearts. Every new booking is like a little silver lining on the horizon for Hapimag. Every booking is important for our community and supports Hapimag during these difficult times. 

With this in mind, I would also like to make a request to all Hapimag shareholders and members: Please book a holiday with Hapimag as soon as it is possible to do so. Catch up on spending time with your loved ones, meeting friends, having birthday parties and doing everything else that has fallen by the wayside during this coronavirus crisis. There is no better way to get Hapimag through this crisis and to support our community. 

Whether we do choose to book our next holiday or prefer to stay at home will be an individual decision. Only those who feel truly comfortable will be able to relax while on holiday. It is going to take time before we all travel long distances again by plane, attend events with lots of people or spend time with others in a confined space. As CEO, I can only recommend that you decide in favour of a holiday with Hapimag. This is due to the following reasons: 

  • Most Hapimag resorts can be reached by car. 

  • Hapimag resorts are spacious. You can enjoy privacy and independence at our resorts. 

  • You can also cook your own food and shop at our on-site shops and Honesty Shops. Upon request, we can bring food to you directly from the on-site shops. Room service is also possible, depending on the resort.      

  • You are not just a guest at Hapimag, you are part of the community. We take care of each other. Rest assured nothing will be lacking. 

I would like to conclude by asking you the following question: what would be important to you if you wanted to spend your holidays at Hapimag resorts after the coronavirus crisis? We have created a special questionnaire on this subject, which you can access via the following link

Finally, I would like to thank you once again, also for your suggestions and ideas in this blog. We are working extremely hard to deal with the effects of the coronavirus crisis. However, a crisis also always creates opportunities and new ideas. I look forward to hearing your feedback. 

Kind regards,
Hassan Kadbi

Update from 8 May 2020

Reopenings of resorts: Please trust us

Thanks for all the positive feedback here in this blog over the last few days. In the meantime, we have communicated via newsletter the dates when which Hapimag resorts is able to reopen.

As we have received a number of queries about this, I would like to summarise a few points below to provide more clarity.   

  • We have done our best evaluating how we can proceed with the opening of resorts according to the official guidelines. We have tried to offer you sufficient choice without this leading to further financial losses that the shareholders will ultimately have to bear. At the end of the day we are all co-owners (I am a shareholder myself).

  • We know that this could upset some shareholders or members. And we are sorry if we were unable to communicate the opening of your favourite resort. But please keep in mind that we are constantly evaluating all the key factors for each resort. 

  • The information of the local authorities is very dynamic and changing regularly and I understand you well when you hear from a hotel next door that it will open soon, etc... but the reality for us is different at the moment. It is our duty to put the health and safety of our guests and employees at the top.

  • Keeping Hapimag running soundly, both financially and hospitality wise, is a major challenge in these uncertain times. If we decide to open all our resorts, we would lose certain benefits such as "short-time working", for example. This means very high costs with very low occupancy.

  • We have changed the cancellation conditions to be free of charge up to 8 days before arrival. So you can calmly book a resort now and if your favourite destination that is now planned not to be opened, comes then to be reopened, you can easily change.

  • Next week, we will add a form to the website to take the pulse of where our shareholders want to travel. This form will ask you to submit your travel wishes to a specific resort and after a couple of weeks we will collect this info and review the re-opening plan.The general conditions should then also be clearer with regard to air travel or local requirements.

  • We all would like to travel, including myself and my colleagues. We all are longing for a holiday, especially after being locked down for a while. But we should not underestimate the situation that could change at any time. We may book a flight for September today, but in two weeks time the airlines might have to cancel it. We must be prepared for this uncertainty. That is the reality we are facing today. We are trying to make the best of it and to move forward in a positive way.

  • Our team is doing everything to balance the security for you and our employees, your satisfaction as guests and the financial stability of Hapimag for you as shareholders. I kindly ask you to see this from these three perspectives.

  • My team and colleagues at Hapimag have been working day in and day out to ensure that we do this right. Please place your trust in our care and competence, because we are here for you and that is what we work for.

Wishing you and your family best of health and happiness, and thanks for booking your holiday with Hapimag. We will keep you informed about news via newsletter and regular updates on the Corona website.

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