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System availability

The password-protected Online Booking Portal is generally available 24 hours a day. Between 00.00 and 06.00 CET, there may be isolated interruptions on account of end-of-day processing (e.g. waiting list entries, invoicing and other daily business). There will also be occasional planned downtimes; we will give notice of these here.

During planned downtimes, the Online Booking Portal and the member area will not be available.

Data reorganisation 27.09.2015 02.00 - 06.00
End-of-month processing 01.10.2015 02.00 - 06.00
Data reorganisation 25.10.2015 02.00 - 06.00
End-of-month processing 01.11.2015 02.00 - 06.00
Opening of the booking period

Am ersten Werktag* eines Monats mit gerader Ordnungszahl wird eine Buchungsperiode eroffnet, die von diesem Monat aus gerechnet jeweils acht Monate betragt. Hierbei konnen pro Buchungsperiode nur Aufenthalte gebucht werden, die spatestens in der dritten Woche des neunten Monats enden (Einzelheiten siehe unter Reservierungsbestimmungen Hapimag Apartments und Hotels).
* Montag bis Freitag

Tuesday, 1 December 2015 (Tuesday, 17 November 2015**)
Booking months July /August 2016
Monday, 1 February 2016 (Monday, 18 January 2016**)
Booking months September /October 2016
Friday, 1 April 2016 (Friday, 18 March 2016**)
Booking months November /December 2016
Wednesday, 1 June 2016 (Wednesday, 18 May 2016**)
Booking months January /February 2017
Tuesday, 2 August 2016 (Tuesday, 19 July 2016**)
Booking months March /April 2017
Monday, 3 October 2016 (Monday, 19 September 2016**)
Booking months May /June 2017

Eröffnungsdatum für Buchungen mit Frühbucher-Option

Buchungen können telefonisch, im Online Buchungsportal (ab 08.00 Uhr des entsprechenden Tages) oder schriftlich (per Brief oder Fax) vorgenommen werden. Die schriftlichen Formulare werden parallel zum Telefon verarbeitet.

Book an apartment

Book an apartment

Come on in! The main focus of your Hapimag holiday is your holiday apartment in a top location. Choose and book the appropriate apartment now online. Or would you prefer someone else books an apartment for you in line with your needs? Then pick up the telephone – our employees on the Service Line will be happy to help you and organise whatever you like!

Make dreams come true
Flug buchen

Book a flight

Do you prefer to book your flight yourself online or let Hapimag organise the flight? Both routes lead to the destination: To your dream destination. Take off on holiday!

Fly away
Booking Information

Booking Information

How are the resorts furnished? What services are there locally? How many points am I debited for my stay in my desired resort? Can I bring my pet? Are there parking spaces? Everything you need to know for planning your dream holiday can be found in our Booking Information.

Breitband Internetanschluss

Stay connected

Keep up-to-date and stay in contact with family, friends and colleagues also when on holiday. Your connection to the virtual world is guaranteed in the Hapimag resorts.

WLAN and Co.

Full of love and loyalty

Those who love Hapimag go on many holidays with Hapimag. Those who go on many holidays with Hapimag love Hapimag. It's a constantly rotating circle. And Hapimag rewards this love with loyalty points, which give every Hapimag lover what he or she wants: More Hapimag.

Benefit from loyalty
Book a transfer

Book a transfer

Start to unwind on the outward journey! Everything runs smoothly because Hapimag books your transfer to the resort. You are met at the airport and taken to the dream holiday address.

Arrive relaxed
Book a hire car

Book a hire car

A local hire car guarantees you limitless independence on holiday. With our cooperation partners, members benefit from favourable conditions. Drive off on holiday!

Drive off
Theme offers

Theme offers – the icing on the cake on holidays

The theme offers round off your holiday at Hapimag. They fill your holiday with unique moments. Want to be active or do you prefer to be pampered? Winter sports or water sports? Immerse yourself in the culture of your holiday destination or just a short trip to Europe's beautiful cities? Our theme offers make every holiday dream come true.

But with the icing on the cake, please!